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Spotter Tool: Using a traditional paddle raise for your donation appeal, but still wish those donations would update your scoreboard in real time? Let us introduce our newest tool for entering Bidder #'s and saving those donations in the system as quickly as your volunteers can spot them! Also includes the ability to assign winners with winning amounts for your Live Auction.
Report Updates: If you've ever found a PDF report you love but struggled to find the corresponding export file, you're in luck! We've added the Excel-friendly CSV format to over 30 of our “pretty PDF” reports to make reporting work for you.
BidPal Connect: BidPal's SalesForce integration app now includes the ability to sync both contacts and gifts between the two platforms!
SmartPay Anywhere: SmartPay has gotten a facelift! All the registration & check out features you know and love can now be accessed from any device at any time from our new responsive, web-based platform - no software installation required. Check out some of the exciting new features today, including:
     * Combined registration and checkout mode for efficient supporter management
     * Built-in checkpoints to guide volunteers and expedite registration
     * Ability to sell fixed price items (raffle or drink tickets, wine pulls, sign-up parties, merchandise, etc.)
     * Improved checkout process with option to mark items as picked up
Mass Email Receipts: Did guests miss the ability to email themselves a receipt at your event? No problem! Now you can quickly customize and send out email receipts to all attendees with purchases/payments or individually-selected recipients.
Ticket Discount/Promo Codes: Create promo codes to allow supporters to purchase discounted tickets! Get started rewarding volunteers, VIP guests, or early bird purchasers with special ticket pricing today.

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