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    • Supporters always bid using the same interface before, during, and after event; no longer will they need to switch from Giving Center to mobile auction or kiosk
    • Setup is simplified into one tab in Planner
  • Updated design & usability improvements




  • Menu options can be enabled/disabled, reordered, and renamed as you see fit
  • Unlimited additional pages can be added to the menu, including:
    • Custom HTML pages 
      • Think big: Featured Sponsors, Mission Information, Board & Volunteer Recognition, Terms of Use - the possibilities are endless!
    • URL links (either external websites or direct supporters to specific pages on your Fundraiser)
  • New category dropdown on mobile screens allows supporters to quickly jump between All Items, Featured Items, Items with No Bids, or any category without needing to go to a Home screen to click a button


  • Mobile Auction Home is the landing page for One-Click Login (OCL) links
  • Friendly interface that accommodates up to 4 optional buttons (Featured Items, Featured Category, Fixed Price Items, Preview Live, or Items with no Bids) + Donation button + Search + Category dropdown
  • Featured Items allows you to highlight any number of selected packages of any auction mode
  • No more My Items button! Activity/Receipt/Profile can be accessed from ANY page via the account icon in the top right of the header
  • Donation button is turned on automatically if there is an active donation package
  • More flexibility to support non-traditional auction-based events; for example, for a Donation Only event you could disable all other buttons except the Donation button + Search
  • Supporters on mobile devices can still access the full menu (see below) available on desktop, which includes unlimited custom HTML pages – so navigation options are virtually limitless!


  • Accessible on every screen via the account icon in the top bar; no need to navigate to a separate Home page first!
  • Supporters can view committed purchases and payment history at all times on Receipt tab
  • Supporters can enter a preferred credit card at any time to be used to pay their final balance due at the end of your event
  • Supporters who have paid their balance can email their receipt at any time


  • In addition to text outbid alerts, a notification icon is visible on every screen via the account icon
  • A notification message also prominently displays with a link to Activity tab
  • Outbid icon and banner appears on package list and package details screens


  • Automatically sorted by Package #
  • Package photo is now shown in package lists (previously, supporters needed to click into the package details to see the photo)
  • Status badges are now shown in package lists to indicate whether the supporter is winning (green checkmark), has been outbid (yellow exclamation point), or the  package has expired or been won by another supporter (red X)
  • Show expired/sold packages for increased donor exposure
  • Packages can be hidden using “Show in Fundraiser” flag in Planner (no more “expiring” a package in order to hide it)
  • Packages can be made preview only using “Enable bidding/donating/purchasing” checkbox in Planner
  • Packages can be featured using the "Feature in Fundraiser" flag in Planner


  • Similar to legacy Giving Center, supporters can browse the site at their leisure – only need to log in to perform certain actions (bids/purchases/donations)
  • Improved login security – email and password are now required for logins via the friendly URL
  • Logins are now global – same login will work on ANY BidPal site (no need to copy supporter credentials from previous year’s event!)
  • One-Click Login links (OCL's) are still the easiest way to get a supporters logged in quickly – OCL's bypass the username/password creation, but they still respect any required fields you choose


  • Supporters are prompted to optionally enter a card upon their first registration/login for a given site
  • Supporters can enter Credit Cards at any time from the Receipt or Credit Cards tab
  • Credit Cards can optionally be required in order for supporters to complete a bid/purchase/donation
    • In this case, supporters can browse the site as they please, and are only required to enter a card when performing an action (i.e. placing a bid, buying an item, or making a donation)
  • Supporters always have access to enter profile information


  • Can base countdown on either silent auction end time OR any custom time of your choosing
  • Can customize the countdown label (i.e. "Early bird ticket sales end soon!", "Don't miss out on the raffle!", "Auction ends in...", etc.)
  • Shows on all screens


  • Shown on more pages and rotate every 10 seconds (shortened to maximize exposure!)
  • Can link each logo to an external website or include more information in a pop-up window
  • Can make use of additional custom HTML pages to create a Sponsor page to highlight key benefactors!


  • Simplified accordion-style workflow steps supporters through the purchasing process
  • Can keep ticket purchases enabled on mobile devices up through and including event day, if desired!
  • No longer show “Unlimited” text if ticket packages do not have a set limit
  • No longer show promo code prompt unless you have actually set up active promo codes in the system
  • Can enter promo codes earlier in the process so that if your balance is $0 after applying a code, you do not have to enter a credit card
  • Continue to show "Sold Out" ticket packages to encourage supporters to make their purchase earlier next time (if desired, any ticket package can be manually hidden as well)
  • Order Summary always visible on laptops and tablets
  • As with other menu pages, "Purchase Tickets" can be renamed as you see fit


  • Now show on all screens
  • Easier to read formatting


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