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OneCause 24/7 web-based planning software, Planner, is command central for all of your fundraising needs. It features a robust selection of features, tools, wizards, and reports to organize all of your data - from supporters and donors to items and packages.

Getting Started

1.  OneCause terms and resources

2.  Get team members involved

  • Setup>Users - You can enter any of your staff, volunteers, or board members as Planner users. Anyone added will receive an email to create a password. 

3.  Enter the basics

  • Setup>Preferences – This section includes choosing your Friendly URL (your Giving Center website address), adding your organization logo, entering your Key Contacts, and more.
  • Enter Payment Credentials – In order to accept credit card payments, your payment credentials must be entered and show VALID in your Planner site.

4.  Set up Giving Center

  • Set up Giving Center – Your Giving Center is a mobile responsive, web-based site where your supporters can: register for your event, purchase tickets, bid on silent auction packages, donate money, and more! 
  • Set up Ticker Messages – Scrolling ticker messages display on your Giving Center website. These fully customizable messages are a great way to make announcements and constantly engage bidders.
  • Set up Sponsor Logos - OneCause maximizes sponsorship exposure with a rotating logo on the Fundraiser site and on scoreboard slides.
  • Custom pages – In addition to your Welcome Page and About Us pages, add additional custom pages to highlight your fundraiser and your mission.  
    • Each page has an easy-to-style capability using a What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get WYSIWYG Editor, as well as offering full HTML access for advanced users.
  • When you are ready for guests to visit your Giving Center, you will need to publish your site. In Planner, go to Setup > Giving Center > General Settings, check the box next to Publish Giving Center, then Save.

5.  Set up ticket packages

6.  Manage auction items and packages

  • Manage Item Donors - Item donors are supporters who donate auction items for your event. You can recognize and thank your item donors in several ways. 
  • When auction items are donated, you can Add/edit items or Import Items.
  • Packages are what you sell on your Giving Center site. All items must be bundled or converted to packages or they will not be open for bidding in the Giving Center. Package items 
  • Other packaging options: Add/edit packages or Import Packages
  • After your packages are added, Import photos. This is a great way to showcase your auction items to all guests, those attending your event and those bidding from home. 
  • Best Practices: Packages


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