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A Registration With no Lines

OneCause strives for the best possible experience for supporters checking in to your event, which means rapidly checking supporters in so that they can enjoy the event and start bidding. Who likes to wait in line?  

Click here for a video on registration tips

Key points for achieving no lines at registration:

1. Pre-register supporters by using the Giving Center prior to your event. 

Sell tickets or simply encourage online bidding prior to event day.  This will collect key supporter information such as phone number and E-mail.

2. On event day, collect only the four key data fields recommended by OneCause, which are: First Name, Last Name, Mobile Phone, and Credit Card.   

Tip! If E-mail is desired, use the Planner feature to require the supporter to add E-mail after One-Click Login (OCL).

The supporter will then enter E-mail in the "Profile" section accessed by clicking the icon in the upper right of the supporter mobile phone as shown below:editprofile.png



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