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With OneCause, there are a variety of payment configuration options to support any type of fundraiser. Read on for a description of the different settings and FAQs to help you best utilize payment processing for your organization!

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Set up payments. Follow these steps to enter your payment processing credentials.

Decide which credit card types to accept. Under Setup >Preferences > Event, select whichever credit card types you want to accept - Visa, Mastercard, American Express, or Discover. If you choose to not allow a certain card brand, those credit cards will not be accepted.

Determine whether to require immediate payment for purchases/donations. Under Setup > Fundraiser > General Settings, the "Require Payment upon Purchase" setting controls whether guests must submit a credit card payment at the time of each donation or purchase. This option is generally recommended for an online-only fundraiser. If you have an event where guests will be in attendance, we recommend keeping this option enabled until event night. At this point, disable the option so payments will go into a pending transaction mode. This allows guests to add/change their credit card as needed or visit checkout to submit an alternate form of payment, saving you the hassle of issuing refunds later.

NOTE: Regardless of this setting, ticket purchases will always require an approved payment.

Determine whether to require a credit card to bid/donate/purchase. Under Setup > Fundraiser > General Settings, the "Require Credit Card" setting controls whether guests must enter a card before they can place a bid, make a donation, or purchase items. If this setting is enabled, the card entered by the guest will be marked as their "preferred" card.

When requiring a credit card, there are two different setting options you can choose from. The "All Bidders" option is generally recommended for large, public events for which you may either not know all your guests or have difficulty obtaining credit cards at registration. The "Non-Attendees" option is typically used for events with remote bidders who won't be able to physically swipe a card at registration or checkout.

NOTE: Regardless of this setting, guests will always be optionally prompted to enter a card when they first sign in; in order to provide the best user experience, guests are only required to enter a card if this setting is enabled and they place a bid, donation, or purchase.





Before/After an onsite event

Yes - collect immediate payments for donations & purchases

Yes (All Bidders) - ensure that any guests who are placing bids have a card on file to charge post-event
During an onsite event

No - allow supporters to pay for all donations, purchases, and auction winnings at checkout

Yes (Non-Attendees) - ensure that any remote guests who are placing bids have a card on file to charge post-event

Online only site (no onsite component)

Examples: online-only auction, fixed price merchandise site, annual donation drive

Yes - collect immediate payments for donations & purchases

Yes (All Bidders) - ensure that any guests who are placing bids have a card on file to charge post-event



Do tickets require a payment, or can guests purchase tickets and pay for them later at checkout?

Ticket purchases always require a credit card payment so you can be sure that anyone purchasing tickets is all settled up. You may use Tickets > Sell Tickets in Planner to "reserve" tickets for guests; simply choose the "Pay Later" option and the system will assign the tickets and leave the guest with an Outstanding Balance.

If "Require Payment upon Purchase" is enabled, will guests making multiple donations/purchases need to enter a credit card each time?

Nope! The guest will be able to choose from any previously-entered cards, or they can enter a new one.

Can guests add tickets, donations, purchases, etc. to a shopping cart to pay all at once?

Not yet, but this is an area of the guest experience we're looking to improve in the future!

If our organization doesn't require a credit card, can guests still enter a card on their device?

Absolutely! After signing in, guests will be able to add/update their credit card(s) at any time by either clicking the "Your Activity" link from the Menu or the person icon in the top right corner of the header. If the guest has not yet entered a credit card, they can quickly add one using the "Add a Credit Card" button on the Receipt tab. The guest can also click the Credit Cards tab (if using desktop) or Account tab (if using mobile) to view/update cards. 

What is a "preferred" card?

A guest's preferred card will accrue any outstanding balance for the guest as a Pending Transaction. Pending Transactions will not be processed automatically, giving you the ability to review and process payments as you see fit.

How does a guest add a "preferred" card?

In most cases, a credit card will automatically be marked as "preferred" for the guest, including:

  • Cards swiped at registration via SmartPay
  • Cards entered directly by the guest via the Credit Cards tab
  • Cards entered directly by the guest when "Require Credit Card" is enabled

For workflows where the guest is entering a payment, guests will have the ability to mark credit cards as "preferred" or not at their discretion. This includes:

  • Cards added to pay for a ticket purchase
  • Cards added to make an immediate payment when "Require Payment upon Purchase" is enabled
  • Cards added when guest clicks "Add a Credit Card" from the Receipt tab

How do credit cards work for couples sharing a Bidder #?

Guests who share a Bidder # also share the same bidding and payment activity. This means that if you are requiring a credit card, only one member of the couple will need to enter a card.

What happens with payments when the silent auction ends?

When the silent auction ends (or when an individual package's end time passes), the high bidder of any applicable package is automatically assigned. Guests will see a notification prompting them to check their Activity, but you may also wish to schedule a text message that included a one-click login link and reminds guests to check to see if they've won.

Whether you have required immediate payments or not, no payments or receipts will be automatically processed/sent when the silent auction ends; all silent auction winning amounts will go to a pending status. You'll want to review and process these Pending Transactions in Planner (and we recommend mass emailing receipts to your supporters with purchases/payments while you're there!).

Will my supporters automatically receive an emailed receipt?

Emailed receipts are automatically generated in the following cases (when a guest is submits an immediate payment via your fundraiser):

  • Ticket purchases
  • Donations & purchases completed while "Require Payment upon Purchase" is enabled

Emailed receipts are not automatically generated in the following cases:

  • Silent winnings
  • Donations & purchases completed while "Require Payment upon Purchase" is disabled

Please note that guests who have added a preferred card or otherwise paid their balance in full can email themselves a receipt at any time by clicking "Email This Receipt" from the Receipt tab. You may also wish to mass email receipts to your supporters via Planner after processing any Pending Transactions.




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