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If you have a Google Account (aka Gmail), you can easily add photos to your Fundraiser site using a variety of Google platforms!  

Google Drive
Google Photos




Google Drive

  1. When editing a page in a Planner site, click the Image button in the editor
    () to insert a new image.

  2. The source of the image will be the following:

  3. In your Google drive, right click the image and click "Get Shareable Link."

  4. Replace the ID number in the source provided (XXX) with the ID number of the image from the shareable link in Drive.

 View a video of this process HERE




Google Photos

  1. In your web browser, navigate to
  2. Click “Go to Google Photos” and log in with your Gmail address.

  3. Once logged in, click “Upload” at the top of the page and select a photo from your computer. The photo will appear on the page after a few seconds.

  4. Click on the photo and click the “Share” icon (three connected dots) in the upper-right corner.

  1. Click “Get link” and copy the URL that appears.

  2. In another browser window or tab, navigate to:
  3. Paste the URL of the Google photo in to the box at the top and click “Generate code.”


  4. After a few seconds, the web page will scroll to the bottom and show 2 codes: Direct Link URL and Image Embed Code. Copy the Image Embed Code

  5. In Planner, navigate to Setup >> Fundraiser >> Custom Pages and scroll to the page where you want to place the image.
  6. In the toolbar, click the “Source Code” icon (<>) paste the Image Embed Code and click OK. You will now see the image.

  7. Click on the image, click the “Insert/edit link” icon (the paperclip) in the toolbar, delete the URL and click OK.

  8. Scroll back to the top of your Planner site and click Save! Your image is now in your Fundraiser!



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