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BidPal has partnered with Importacular to create an easy to use solution for moving your BidPal data over to your Raiser's Edge account.
What does Importacular do?

Importacular allows you to easily bring data into Raiser's Edge from BidPal.

  • Completely customizable mapping
  • Completely customizable matching criteria
  • Import into Bio 1, Bio 2 and Gift for free

What data can I import?

You will be able to select your BidPal export file, and from that import biographical, address, and gift information. There is a default template set-up to help you get started. Take a look at the Importacular mapping guide for BidPal to get set-up.

How to download your data from BidPal

Simply login to your BidPal account, go to Reports > View Reports > Exports > here you can find all your usual reports as well as the new, and most commonly used, Raiser's Edge - All Transactions Export. Simply download whichever Raiser's Edge report you need to get started with the import into Raiser's Edge.



Helpful Tools:

Before beginning with Importacular or any of our other Raiser's Edge exports, be sure to read the Raiser's Edge Integration and Tips and Tricks sections of this article to ensure you best end results:  Raiser's Edge & Other CRM Integration

Tip! Start by importing your Supporters from Raiser's Edge to BidPal, including their Constituent ID into the CRM ID field in BidPal, before you begin selling tickets or open your auction. By starting with your existing Raiser's Edge data, you'll simply be importing your already good data back into Raiser's Edge with the gift information from BidPal! If you don't do this, no worries! Importacular will still catch any possible duplicates for you to address before committing to the upload back into Raiser's Edge.

Frequently Asked Questions from BidPal Customers:

Q: Which Raiser's Edge tabs are free to use with Importacular?

The Gifts, Address, and Constituents tabs are free to use with Importacular.  Other tabs such as Events or Attendance would have a per module price, which can be obtained from Zeidman Development.


Q: Is Importacular compatible with Raiser's Edge NXT?



Q: How do you create the Control Report?

The Control Report is automatically available to you in the Reports area of your BidPal software. No need for you to create anything from scratch!


Q: Is the Supporter record in BidPal the same as the Constituent record in Raiser's Edge?

Yes, BidPal's Supporter records maps directly to the Constituent record in RE on a 1:1 basis. Importacular helps identify duplicate records to prevent you from creating new constituents when that person already exists in RE.


Q: Why does it sometimes look like duplicate records are being added to Importacular from my BidPal data?

Your BidPal data is broken down into single line items for each transaction by a Supporter.  So, for example, if Cory gave 2 gifts then there would be 2 line items for Cory on the import.  If Cory was being newly added to RE, the first line item in Importacular will be a Create action.  Importacular recognizes the second line item as the same person as the record being created above it (grid match), so it'll show as an Update action.  What you are seeing with these two (or more) line items are the creation of a constituent and the immediate update of that constituent with an additional gift. Reviewing 4:40 to 5:27 in the video above is a good place to go back and watch again for this question.


Q: What is the difference between a Grid Match and an Exact Match?

A grid match is a match found within the incoming data itself.  If a BidPal supporter shows two or more line items on your import, these will be grid matches.

An exact match is when Importacular matches a record from the incoming BidPal data to a constituent record that already exists in your Raiser's Edge data.  Rather than creating a new record, Importacular will use the incoming data to update your existing record.


Q: Why are my Supporters/Constituents updating but not my Gifts?

In order for Gifts to be pulled through, a Fund must be specified.  There are two ways to specify your Fund:

  1. Add it via BidPal before you export:  Before you export your BidPal data, you can manually type the default fund value into the Fund field.  When you map your Fund field in Importacular over to Raiser's Edge, this default value will be read and entered into your correct RE Fund.
  2. Select a Default value directly in Importacular, as shown in the video above at the 3:53 minute mark.  Note that you should not choose a default value in Importacular AND map a field next to it.  If you have both, Importacular will default to the mapped field, which could be blank if you do not choose to go with option 1 here. If choosing your default value from your Raiser's Edge options, do not map a field to the left of that option.


For more information about Importacular, feel free to visit the BidPal specific page of Zeidman Development's site: Importacular for BidPal

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