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PLEASE NOTE: If you've upgraded to BidPal's new bidding interface, check out this page for help: Set up Fundraiser


Giving Center is a personalized online portal for your organization to: register guests for your event, sell tickets, collect item or monetary donations, allow silent auction bidding, and more!  The following articles will detail the various configuration options available to you under Setup > Giving Center in myBidPal Planner.

Before you get started, please be aware that you will need to set up your friendly URL and enter your payment processor credentials before your Giving Center can be made accessible to the public. The friendly URL is the custom link your supporters will use to access your Giving Center, while payment processor credentials are needed to ensure credit card payments can be collected. 

Please click on links below to jump to pages:
      General Settings
          Display Settings & Banner
          Email Notifications
          Registration Settings/Requirements
          Publish/Preview Giving Center
          Remote Bidding (if using Mobile Bidding)
      Enabled Features
      Social Media
      Event Details
      Home Page & About Us HTML
      Terms of Use
      Best Practices 


Navigate to Setup > Giving Center > General Settings. The following configuration options are available:

Display Settings: Customize the look of your Giving Center site to match the colors and theme of your event.

Giving Center - General Settings Visual

Setting Description
1. Primary Color  The color of the top navigation bar, navigation buttons, and some text.

Tip! Because this color will be used for some text on your site, make sure it is dark enough to be read on a white background.

2. Secondary Color The color of the homepage panel headers and some text.  

Tip! Because this color will be used for some text on your site, make sure it is dark enough to be read on a white background.

3. Background Color   The background color of the body of the site
4. Banner Image  Displays at the top of the site, 1024 x 150 pixels

Tip! If you have one or two colors already chosen for your event or organization, make sure to choose a third complementary color for the background to make the site pop. If you need help picking the third color, try an online tool like these: Adobe Color Wheel or Coolors.

Giving Center Messages: Click "Add an Email Address" to designate who from your organization will receive email notifications. This contact(s) will receive email notifications for the following:

  • Item donation requests made via the Giving Center site
  • Messages sent by supporters who click "Contact Us" via the About Us panel
  • Messages sent by supporters who click "Please contact: " via a specific package's Item Details page
  • Any of the following you've enabled by clicking the corresponding checkbox under "Send email notifications for the following activity":
    • Ticket Purchases
    • Online Donations
    • Silent Auction Buy Now Purchases
    • Fixed Price Purchases

Registration Requirements: All Giving Center registrations require a First/Last Name and an Email Address. You may also choose to require the following information during Giving Center registration by clicking desired checkbox(es):

  • Company
  • Mobile Phone #
  • Address

Tip! The Mobile Phone # requirement is strongly recommended for events using mobile bidding, as it allows sending of One-Click Login texts to quickly get your attendees logged in and bidding on the mobile auction.

NOTE: While credit card cannot currently be required during registration, it is required to be entered before a supporter can place a bid, make a donation, or purchase tickets/items.

Preview/Publish Giving Center: Check the "Publish Giving Center" box to allow supporters to access your Giving Center site online, then advertise your Giving Center URL on your organization's website or in any email campaigns to your supporters.

Tip! Leave your Giving Center unpublished while you are setting up the site, and only publish once you have something to show. Before your Giving Center is published, you can privately view it by clicking on the View Your Giving Center call-out. 

NOTE: You must set up your friendly URL and enter your payment processor credentials before you can publish your Giving Center site!

Event in Progress: If you are using BidPal for a mobile bidding event, guests will access the mobile bidding interface instead of Giving Center once you publish your mobile auction. If you wish to encourage remote bidding, check the box next to "Show Button on Giving Center for Kiosk Access during Event." Guests using computers will then be directed to the Kiosk login for remote bidding. 

Tip! You can also customize the Event in Progress Custom Text (HTML coding supported) that appears on the landing page when guests try to access your Friendly URL from a computer during the event. For example, you could notify guests if tickets are still available or encourage them to bid remotely, as in the example below.

Giving Center - Event in Progress Page


Navigate to Setup > Giving Center > Enabled Features. Select the features and panels you would like visible to your Giving Center website visitors.

Setup Giving Center (Enabled Features)

FEATURES Description
Purchase Tickets

Enables website visitors to view and purchase tickets to your event

NOTE: Use Planner to set up tickets for guests to purchase.

Online Item Donations Allows website visitors to fill out a request form to donate an auction item; the potential item and donor are then automatically added to myBidPal Planner for your review
Online Money Donations 

Lets website visitors donate money online and pay by credit card

NOTE: Use Planner to set up donation package(s) that guests will select during the donation process on Giving Center.

Register Your Credit Card 

Controls whether "Register Your Credit Card" shows as an option in the Quick Links panel. 

NOTE: Regardless of this setting, credit card registration is required before guests can place bids, donate, or make ticket/item purchases.

Auction Catalog 

Enables website visitors to search and view auction packages; silent auction, live auction, and fixed price packages can be set up in Planner

Tip! Don't forget use Planner to set up your silent auction, live auction, and fixed price packages. Even if Auction Catalog is enabled on Giving Center, you can always hide individual packages by going to Package Edit > Visibility tab and unchecking the Show in Giving Center checkbox.

Online Bidding and Purchasing 

Enables website visitors to bid on and/or purchase silent auction and fixed price packages.

Tip! You can disable specific packages for online bidding or online preview by going to Package Edit > Visibility tab and unchecking the Enable Online Bidding and/or Show in Giving Center checkboxes.

Social Sharing  Allows website visitors to share auction items and ticket purchases via Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, or Email


Giving Center - Panels

PANELS Description
1. Event Details Displays information about the time and location of the event with a link to a Google map of the venue and optional more details
2. Welcome / Custom HTML Section Displays the Welcome panel, including the customized HTML from the Setup > Giving Center > Home Page HTML tab
3. Event Countdown Counts down to the start of your event, as specified in the "Event Time for Countdown" field under the Setup > Giving Center > Event Details tab
4. Quick Links Includes navigational links to popular features like Purchase Tickets, Shop Items, or Donate Money
5. Ticker Messages Scrolls through ticker messages set to "Show in Giving Center" under Setup > Ticker Messages
6. Featured Items Shows up to 3 auction packages at a time; use the "Feature on Giving Center" checkbox under Package Edit > Visibility to determine which packages will be featured
7. About Us

Includes the following organization info:

  • Link to your website ("Website Address" under Setup > Preferences > Organization)
  • Links to your social media accounts, including Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, and/or LinkedIn (set up under Setup > Giving Center > Social tab)
  • Contact link for guests to email with questions
  • An optional link to a fully customizable HTML page highlighting your organization and cause (set up under Setup > Giving Center > About Us HTML tab)
8. ‘Learn How to BidPal’  Provides a link for website visitors to familiarize themselves with the BidPal device before the event. Click here to see!
9. Sponsor Logos Scrolls through sponsor logos set to "Show in Giving Center" under Setup > Sponsor Logos; Panel's title can be customized using the "Sponsor Section Title" free text field

Tip! If a Sponsor Logo has its Sponsor Website field populated, clicking on that logo in the Giving Center will take the user to the specified URL. Follow these steps to learn more about creatively setting up custom sponsor logos!

10. Social Feeds Allows guests to check out your Facebook and/or Twitter activity feeds directly from your Giving Center



Navigate to Setup > Giving Center > Social.

Enter social media accounts here if you wish to use the Social Sharing feature, the About Us panel, and/or the Social Feeds mentioned in the "Enabled Features" section.

About Us panel: If the About Us panel is enabled and Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and/or LinkedIn account information is populated, website visitors will see social media icons linking directly to your organization's page. If you do not have an account for one of the social media platforms listed, leave the field blank and the About Us section will not show that social media icon.

Setup Giving Center (Social)


Social Sharing: If the Social Sharing feature is enabled, guests will be able to share Item Details or Ticket Purchases via Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, or Email. You may choose "Include Event Hashtag" under Settings to append your organization's friendly URL to the default sharing message guests will see - this can help promote your event and familiarize guests with the friendly URL they'll be using to log into mobile bidding at your event.

Giving Center - Social Sharing


Social Feeds: Facebook and Twitter activity feeds appear as tabs within the Welcome / Custom HTML panel, and will link to the accounts specified the Social tab.

Giving Center - Social Feeds

NOTE: Your Facebook account must be a Page (not a User Profile or Group) in order to display Facebook's activity feed. Please also check your page's privacy settings to ensure Facebook age limit settings are not enabled; these settings will prevent users who are not already logged into Facebook from being able to see your organization's Facebook activity feed on the Giving Center. For more on this, see here.


Navigate to Setup > Giving Center > Event Details.

Define the who, what, when, where, and other details of your event. This information is visible in the Event Details side panel of the Giving Center site, or when site visitors click More Details. The "Who" field is also the link text alongside "Questions? Please Contact:" when viewing a package on the Giving Center (this link opens a form for sending a message that will go to anyone listed in the Email List for Giving Center Messages under Setup Giving Center General Settings tab).

Setup Giving Center (Event Details)

Giving Center - Event Details Page

Field Description
1. Event Time for Countdown     Date and time of your event, used to calculate the Countdown timer
2. Who  Your organization’s name
3. What Name of the event
4. When  Date of the event
5. Where  Location of the event (i.e. venue name)
6. Attire  How you’d like the attendees to dress (ex. black tie, Hawaiian theme)
7. Description  Additional details about the event (ex. where to park, event highlights)
8. Info URL URL to link to your organization’s website or another external website
9. Info URL Display Text Text to display for the Info URL link (ex. Click for Past Event Photos)
10. Address Street address of venue location, used to locate venue on Google Map
11. City City of venue location, used to locate venue on Google Map
12. State State of venue location, used to locate venue on Google Map


Navigate to Setup > Giving Center > Home Page HTML.

Home Page / Welcome panel: Customize the center panel of your Giving Center's homepage. Use the provided What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get (WYSIWYG) HTML Editor to style your content, add images or videos, or add helpful links for guests. The sky is the limit here, so get creative – highlight ticket packages, event sponsors, a letter from your board chairman, photos from last year’s event, etc. 

Tip! Click the icon of the eye to see a preview of how your panel (width: 560 pixels) will appear in the Giving Center!

Need more information on working with the WYSIWYG HTML toolbar, or tips for working with advanced HTML code directly? Check out our WYSIWYG guide and advanced HTML tips!

Setup Giving Center (Home Page HTML)

Giving Center - Welcome Page

Navigate to Setup > Giving Center > About Us HTML.

About Us panel: If the About Us panel is enabled, guests can click the More Information link to read more about your cause. Use the provided HTML toolbar to style your content, add images or videos, or add helpful links for guests to promote your organization's mission or cause.

Setup Giving Center (About Us HTML) 


Navigate to Setup > Giving Center > Terms of Use.

Your Giving Center site includes a Terms of Use link (shown in the footer) to communicate any messages regarding privacy or use of personal information to site visitors. This is a free form text box.

Setup Giving Center (Terms of Use)



  1. Add Professional Flair: If you'd like assistance building your site (banners, color, design, or HTML), our Professional Services team has several affordable options available to design your site and/or graphics. Contact our Professional Services department for options and pricing.
  2. Include Package Photos: People buy what they can see. Try to include a picture or logo for each item on sale. If you don’t have one, add a great Default Package Photo under Setup > Preferences > Defaults tab. Remember, a picture is worth a thousand words!
  3. Accept Donations: Always make sure to include a donation package on your Giving Center. This is an easy way for visitors to support your cause, especially if they are unable to attend the event. To enable cash donations from your Giving Center, you’ll want to add a donation package into Planner and ensure the "Online Money Donations" feature is checked under Enabled Features.
  4. Make Use of Ticker Messages: Looking to remind your visitors of something important or express appreciation for sponsors and volunteers? In the blank white bar spanning across the center of the page, you can display scrolling messages on your home page. Ensure the "Ticker Messages" panel is checked under Enabled Features, then add messages under Setup > Messages > Tickers tab and check the "Show on Giving Center" box.
  5. Promote Sponsors: Use the Sponsors panel on the right-hand of your Giving Center to feature your sponsors and give them online exposure. The more visibility for your sponsors, the happier they are! Hopefully that translates into additional support for your cause. Ensure the "Sponsor Logos" panel is checked under Enabled Features, then add your sponsor logos under Setup > Sponsor Logos and check the "Show in Giving Center" box.
  6. Go Social: Many organizations find success promoting their events and their online Giving Centers via Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. BidPal provides ways to connect your Giving Center to your social platforms, which can be set under Setup > Giving Center > Social tab. Learn more about the options for displaying social feeds, allowing guests to share items/ticket purchases, and/or providing links to your social media pages here.



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