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OneCause supports the ability to import items if you were previously tracking them in an Excel spreadsheet or in a third party software with export capabilities. Follow the steps outlined below to import items into Planner.

Tip! Do you also have item donors to import? If so, before continuing with your item import, please start by importing your item donors under Supporters > Import Supporters. You may then map the "Donor" field on your Item Import CSV file after ensuring that the donor names are in the format <First Name> <Last Name> (i.e. John Smith, for supporters of type Person) or <Company Name> (i.e. Goodwill, for supporters of type Company).

If the mapped Donor field is an exact match to the name of an existing supporter record, the system will automatically assign that supporter as the item donor during your item import. Otherwise, a new supporter will be created using the name specified in the Donor field and automatically assigned as the item's donor.  


Save your Excel spreadsheet of items as a comma delimited or .CSV file. In Excel, click Save As, then select CSV (comma delimited) for Save as Type.

Buddy - Item Import Excel

Click here to view a sample item import .CSV


Log into Planner and navigate to Packages > Import Items. Click Browse to locate your saved CSV file. Indicate if your file contains a header row and click Next.



Map the columns in the CSV file to the fields in Planner. For each field, click the drop-down box to select which spreadsheet column corresponds to it. The required fields are Item Name, Description, and Value.  When finished mapping, click Use this Mapping.



Confirm the import. Any invalid or duplicate item numbers will be renumbered.

Buddy - Import Items Step 3


Once complete, you can add, edit, and delete items on the Item List.


Tip! If you have additional items that need to be imported, you may import as many times as necessary.  Make sure new items imported are on a NEW spreadsheet to avoid duplicates. Further, items can be deleted and re-imported.

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