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An item is a component that makes up a package. A package can be made up of one or multiple items. Packages are what display on the Fundraiser and get auctioned off at the event. It is important to convert all items to packages in order to sell them!

Video Tutorial: How to Package Items

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Once you have your items entered, you can package them in 4 different ways:


Individually assign an item to a new or existing package on the Item Edit page. Click the Assign Package button.

Assign Package


Group multiple items into a single package on the Item List. Check the box next to each item and click the Package button. When prompted, select if you want to assign the items to a new package or to an existing package.

Item List - Packaging - Small


Use the Auto-Package Wizard (Packages > Auto-­Package Items) to convert any unpackaged items to packages. The wizard will automatically turn each item into a unique package. This should only be used for items that will be packaged by themselves and not in combination with other items.



Find an item and add it to an existing package from the Package Edit page. Select the Items tab and click the Assign Item button. All items assigned to the package are listed here.

Package Edit - Assign Item

The list of the unpackaged items displays. Scroll or enter a search term to find an item to assign to the package. Click the checkbox to select the item.

 NOTE: You may select and assign multiple items to the package at once.

Assign Item Search


  • Items that are not packaged will not be available for bidding.
  • Enter Package Defaults (Packages > Set Package Defaults) to set default starting bids, minimum raises, and buy now prices for packages based on a percentage of the package’s value. These defaults will be applied to any package that has the Apply Package Defaults checkbox checked on the Package Edit page.
  • Amounts automatically update if the value is changed and if items are assigned to or removed from the package.
  • To manually enter bid data amounts, uncheck the Apply Package Defaults check box.
  • Packages are available for bidding by default once items are packaged.  Learn more about Package Visibility settings here: Set up Silent Auction Packages



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