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As a OneCause customer, you have the ability to create items, which are then grouped into packages to be sold at the event. Some item donors may prefer to offer an amount of credit toward their goods or services in lieu of a physical item. If the donor does not provide you with a physical Gift Certificate allowing the auction winner to redeem their credit, you may use OneCause to generate them yourself.



At the item level, you can indicate whether the item is a Gift Certificate by selecting one of the following from the drop-down: Donor Provided, Organization to Create, or Not Applicable. Use "Organization to Create" to indicate which gift certificates you will need to print, and "Donor Provided" to indicate which gift certificates have already been provided by the item donor.



After indicating an item’s Gift Certificate status, fill out any Gift Certificate Redemption instructions. These will display on printed Gift Certificates along with the item name, description, and donor information.


You can now generate a Gift Certificate report for those items that were identified as needing to be created by the organization. To do so, go to Reports > View Reports > Items and Packages. From there, select the Gift Certificate report – you can choose which information you wish to display on the gift certificates and click Submit Query.

Tip! If you are interested in customizing the gift certificates with different font type, colors, logos, etc, you can change the Report Format to RTF or DOCX before running the report. These files types are editable and will allow for customization. Click here to view a sample Gift Certificate Report.


NOTE: Gift Certificates can be printed before packaging the item, but please remember that in order for guests to bid or purchase items, they must be packaged! Click here to learn how to package your items.

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