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A supporter is an advocate or someone who is involved with your organization. In OneCause, anyone who purchases a ticket, donates money, bids on silent auction items, logs into your Giving Center site, donates items, or solicits items is a supporter.

In Planner, first set up your starting bidder number. Each supporter is automatically assigned a bid number so that they can bid. Go to Setup > Preferences > Defaults. Enter the number you'd like to start with (ex. 1 or 100) and each supporter will be assigned a subsequent number.

Buddy - Starting Numbers

Next, go to Supporters > Manage Supporters.

Click the Add button to create a new supporter or click on a supporter name in the Supporter List to edit an existing supporter.

On the Details tab, enter the following fields:

Enter: What’s this? Required? Examples
Type Is the supporter a person or a company? Yes Person (default), Company
Role Designates supporters as Attendees, Item Donors, or both.

Note: These designations affect which supporters pull into various reports and OCL filters. Check below for a list of situations where the system will try to mark a role for you automatically.

No Checked (default for Attendee) or unchecked 
Salutation Greeting or title used in written communication No Mr., Miss, Mrs.
First Name Supporter’s given name Yes, if supporter type is person John
Last Name Supporter’s surname Yes, if supporter is a person Doe
Company Name Name of the company the supporter works for or is representing. Yes, if supporter type is company OneCause
Email Supporter’s e-mail is also his/her username. No
Phone # Supporter’s cell phone number, which is used to send customized text messages, and outbid messages. No (317) 555-2424
Street Address, City, State, Zip Code Supporter’s address No 8440 Woodfield Crossing Blvd., Suite 500, Indianapolis, IN 46240
Notes Notes field for internal use, does not display on user interface. No Long-time supporter
CRM ID Useful for tracking Supporter number or Constituent ID in third party software. No 12345
User-defined 1 & 2 These are open fields that may be used if you pay for a custom report or custom scoreboard. No Team A or Team B

Tip! The system will try to automatically mark/default the appropriate supporter roles for you in the following scenarios:

  • Item Donor role is auto-checked if a supporter has any item donations in Planner
  • Attendee role is auto-checked in the following situations:
    • You Add Blank Bidders in Planner
    • You import supporters without an Attendee column mapped
    • You import supporters & explicitly mark them as Attendees
    • You manually add a supporter in Planner
    • A guest buys an event ticket
    • You assign an event ticket to a supporter in Planner
    • You seat a supporter in Planner
    • You create a new supporter via SmartPay Registration
    • You check in a supporter via SmartPay or Planner

Tip! The Supporter Summary section displays read-only information, including the supporter's bidder #, table, ticket, VIP status, RSVP status, checked in status, registered in Giving Center status, Express Checkout credit card, balance due, donated items, and solicited items. Click on any of these field labels to jump to the appropriate tab to view or edit details.

Now, click on the Auction/Event tab.

Enter the following fields:

Enter: What’s this? Required? Examples
Bidder # Number assigned to each bidder or bidding couple. Leave blank to have the system auto-assign the next available bid number. Click Share Bidder # to link to an existing bidder. Supporters who share a bidder number will receive 1 bill at auction end. A list of all supporters sharing the Bidder # will be listed. Yes 158
Table Number and name assigned to the table the supporter is seated at. Click Assign to pick from existing tables or to add a new table. Click Unassign to unseat supporter from the table. No #18: OneCause Table
Ticket Ticket number and package name assigned to the supporter. No #106: Individual Ticket
VIP Check the checkbox to designate the supporter as VIP or very important. No Checked or unchecked (default)
RSVP Supporter’s response to attend or not attend the event. No Blank (default), Yes, No, Tentative
Registered on Giving Center This read-only field indicates if the supporter has logged into the Giving Center. No Checked or unchecked
Checked In This field is automatically updated if the supporter is marked as "checked in" on SmartPay registration terminals. Additionally, it can be manually set here in the Planner. No Checked or unchecked (default)
Enable Login for this Bidding Account Unchecking this checkbox prevents any supporter sharing the bidder # from logging in. Only uncheck this if there is confusion with a guest bidding under the wrong bidder #. No Checked or unchecked (default)
Enable Text Outbid Alert This determines whether a supporter will receive outbid alert text messages. No Checked (default) or unchecked
Text One-Click Login This will send a text message with a personalized URL for the supporter to access the auction. N/A N/A
Email One-Click Login This will send an email with a personalized URL for the supporter to access the auction. N/A N/A

Tip! The other Supporter Edit tabs are Purchases & Payments, Tickets, Bid History, and Item Donations. Check out these specific topics in the Help Center to learn more!

When finished, click Save to return to the Supporter List, Save & New to enter a new supporter, Save & Next to see the next supporter already in the system, or Cancel to discard changes.  


Video: Auto Assign Bid Number & Add Blank Bid Numbers



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