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Once you have supporters added to Planner, you may want to re-assign their bidder numbers by last name. Use the Auto-Assign Bid Numbers wizard to do so.

Select Supporters > Auto Assign Bid Numbers.

Enter the new starting bidder number you’d like to use.

Next, choose the supporters you want to assign a new number to. Use the Select All checkbox to select all supporters or manually check the checkboxes to select a group of supporters. Click Next.

Tip! To easily renumber specific subsets of supporters, check the box next to the Attendee and/or Item Donor filter and set accordingly. For example, to renumber item donors who are not attending the event, check the Attendee filter and set to "No" and then check the Item Donor filter and set to "Yes".

Finally, review the new bidder number assignments and click Confirm.

Your supporter list will now have bid numbers alphabetically assigned by [Last Name], [First Name].

Tip! You can use the Auto Assign Bid Numbers wizard over and over to assign or re-assign groups of supporters new numbers based on Last Name.

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