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In Planner, you can easily manage where your event attendees will sit at the event with table management!

There are two ways to create and enter table information.


Go to Tables > Manage Tables > Table List tab and click Add.


For each table, enter the following information and click Save.

Enter: What’s this? Example
Table # Number assigned to the table; must be numeric (no letters or symbols). If entered, it appears on each guest’s mobile device. 1, 2, 3, etc.
Table Name Name associated with the table; can be who purchased or sponsored the table or part of your event theme Sunnyvale Library
Table Captain The name of the supporter who is in charge of the table; a supporter who is committed to helping fill the tables or secure sponsorships. For instructions on assigning table captains, see step #2. Rupert Giles
Priority Number designating importance or layout 1 = closest to stage, 25 = farthest from stage
# of Seats Number of seats or place settings at the table 8
Seats Filled Number of assigned seats at the table, automatically calculated based on the number of supporters assigned to the table 6
Seats Remaining Number of unassigned or open seats at the table, automatically calculated based on the total number seats and the number already assigned 2
Allow Purchasers to Select Table in Fundraiser Allows ticket purchasers to select which table they wish to sit at.  Note: the table must be enabled as a public option by checking the corresponding box on the Table Edit page. Sunnyvale Library, Best Buy, Coca Cola, etc.
User-Defined 1 & 2 These are open fields that may be used if you pay for a custom report or custom scoreboard Table sold 3/15/12
Notes Notes field for internal use, does not display on mobile device Sunnyvale Library will notify us of guests by 5/1/12.


When finished, click Save to return to the Table List, Save & New to enter a new table, Save & Next to see the next table already in the system, or Cancel to discard changes.


Tip! If you need to delete a table you can do so on Tables > Manage Tables. Check the box next to the table(s) to delete and click the Delete button at the top of the page. This will not delete any Supporters in the system, it will simply unseat those Supporters.



Video Tutorial: Auto-Create Tables

This feature allows you to add tables in bulk.  In Planner, go to Tables > Auto-Create Tables.


Enter the following information and click Next.

Enter: What’s this? Examples 
Number of Tables Number of tables that will be created with this criteria 10
Number of Seats at Each Table Number of seats or place settings that will be available for each table 8
Starting Table Number Number of the first table, each subsequent table will be assigned a number in order 1


Check the “I understand” checkbox and click Confirm to create your tables.


NOTE: Tables already entered will not be replaced. The Auto-Create Tables wizard will create the number of tables you specify but will skip over any already existing tables.

Tip! The Auto-Create Tables wizard will create multiple tables with the same number of seats available. If your event has different sized tables, then you can re-run this wizard for each table size.



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