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Once you have set up your ticket packages, guests can purchase tickets in the Giving Center or you can sell them in Planner.

Tip! Selling Sponsorships? Click here for a great explanation of how to use OneCause to track sponsorships, whether they include tickets or not.

In Planner, go to Tickets > Sell Tickets.

Select the ticket purchaser.

  • Option 1: Sell Ticket to an Existing Supporter

    • Select an existing supporter from the list or search for the ticket purchaser by name. Click to select the ticket purchaser.


Tip! Remember that if your Giving Center website is published, guests who register online will be automatically added to your Supporter List. It’s a good idea to search to see if the ticket purchaser already exists.

  • Option 2: Sell a Ticket to a New Supporter

    • If the ticket purchaser doesn’t already exist in the system, click Sell Ticket to New Supporter. Enter ticket purchaser’s name and contact information, and click Save and Use.


Select Ticket Package(s): Enter the number of each ticket package the purchaser wants to buy. Click Next.

Tip! Remember to enter the number of ticket packages you want to sell. Review the grand “Total Tix” and “Subtotal” summaries to ensure the purchase is accurate.


Enter the Ticketholders' Names and Select Ticket Options: Select who is redeeming the first ticket. For the first ticket, the ticket purchaser is selected by default if he/she doesn’t already have an assigned ticket.

Enter any special requests, assign the attendee(s) to a table by selecting Set Seating Preference, and select the attendee’s ticket options (ex. Meal Choice - Chicken). Click Next Ticket.


For each additional ticket, select who will redeem the ticket. If the ticketholder is unknown, leave “Guest of Ticket Purchaser” selected. If the ticket package you are selling includes exactly 2 tickets, the "Use same Bidder # as Ticketholder Name" checkbox will be shown and is checked by default. Uncheck this option if you know that the ticketholders do not want to bid as a couple.

NOTE: “Guest of” tickets can be later assigned in Manage Tickets > Unassigned Tickets.


If the ticketholder’s name is known, select New or Existing Supporter. Search and select the name of an existing supporter, or click Add New to create a new profile.


The ticket screen updates with the ticketholder’s name. Enter any special requests, select any ticket options, and click Next.


Enter Payment Information: Choose the ticket purchaser’s payment method – Pay Later, Check, Cash, or Credit Card. To add a new credit card to the supporter’s profile, click Enter Other Credit Card and fill out the necessary information – card type, card number, expiration date, name on card, and billing name. If the ticket purchaser is paying by check, enter the check number. Click Next after all Payment Information is filled out.


Review & Confirm Purchase: Review the ticket sale details. Click Confirm to complete the sale, Back to go to a previous screen to edit the purchase details, or Cancel to exit without completing the purchase.


Print or Email Receipt: Once the ticket sale is processed, you can click Email Receipt to email a receipt to the purchaser. Click Print View to print a full receipt.


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