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In Planner, go to Tickets > Unassigned Tickets tab to see a listing of unassigned tickets, which are tickets currently assigned to “Guest of [Ticket Purchaser’s Name].” Sort the list by ticket #, ticket holder placeholder name, ticket holder’s bidder #, or ticket purchaser’s name.

Click on an unassigned ticket to view the ticket details. To assign the ticket to the ticketholder, click the Assign button.

Option 1: Assign Ticket to an Existing Supporter

Select an existing supporter from the list or search for the supporter by name. Select the radio button next to the supporter and click Assign.

Tip! Remember that if your Giving Center website is published, guests who register online will be automatically added to your Supporter List. It’s a good idea to search to see if the supporter already exists.

Option 2: Assign Ticket to a New Supporter

If the ticket holder doesn’t already exist in the system, click Add New. Enter the ticketholder’s name and contact information, and click Save and Use.

Back on the Ticket Edit screen, review your ticket assignment, ticket option selections, and special requests. Click Save.

Since the ticket has been assigned, it is now listed under Tickets > Assigned Tickets tab.

Tip! To change an existing ticket assignment, follow the same steps outline above. Select the ticket from the Assigned Tickets tab and click Assign on the Ticket Edit screen. Select or add the name of the new person redeeming the ticket.

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