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Managing payments is easy with OneCause! Our fully integrated, secure payment solution gives your guests instant invoicing and an easy checkout experience.

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       Add items & charges
       Remove items & charges
       Add payments & process refunds
       Update credit card information


If a guest wants to make a donation or purchase an unsold item that is in the system:

Navigate to Tools > Enter Sales & Donations.

Search for and select the package, then click Next.

Click Find Bidder, select your supporter, and click Assign.

Enter an amount and click Save.

If you need to add a charge for something that is NOT in the system as a package (e.g. a valet parking or coat check fees at the event), you can add a Miscellaneous Charge as follows:

Navigate to Payments > Add Transaction and click on a supporter to open the Purchases & Payments tab for that supporter. This can also be done on a SmartPay terminal.

Click Add Misc Charge.

Enter a Description (ex. Parking Fee) and Amount ($10) and click Save.


There are several situations in which you may need to remove an item or charge from a supporter’s invoice.  Some examples include:

  • A supporter has won an item that they no longer want.

  • An auction item won by a guest at the event has been lost or broken.

  • A supporter purchased a higher quantity of a fixed price item than they intended.

To reconcile the invoice for these supporters, log into Planner and navigate to Payments > Add Transaction. Click on a supporter to open the Purchases & Payments tab for that supporter. The Items / Charges grid contains anything the supporter has donated, won, or purchased. It includes all activity from the Giving Center, Planner, and mobile bidding devices. If an item or charge needs to be removed, simply click the Remove hyperlink next to it.

Tip! If you are looking to refund a payment, always reconcile the supporter’s items and charges first.

Supporter Edit - Remove

Please note that once an item is removed, the Total Charges will be updated to reflect the supporter’s new balance.  You may need to add a payment or process a refund at this point – this is covered in a section below. The Remove link will work a bit differently depending on the type of item you are removing.

Removing Silent Auction Items

You will have the following options when removing a silent auction item:

  • Assign to next highest bidder

    • What it Does: This option will only remove the supporter's bid/purchases. All other bids will be left in place so that the next highest bidder will be winning the item.

    • When to Use It: This option is ideal for correcting accidental bids.

  • Assign to no one and remove all bids on the item

    • What it Does: This option removes ALL bids placed on the item.

    • When to Use It: This option is ideal for handling a lost, broken, or unavailable item. It is also useful for post-event reconciliations in which the winner declines the item.

Removing Donation & Fixed Price Items

If the supporter has made multiple donations to the same donation package or made multiple purchases of a fixed price package, you will have the option to select individual or multiple donations/purchases to remove.

Buddy - Remove Donation

Removing Ticket Purchases or Miscellaneous Charges

You will be taken to a confirmation screen displaying details related to the ticket purchase or miscellaneous charge you are removing.


In the process of reconciling your supporters’ bills, you may find that a supporter has an Outstanding Balance that needs to be addressed. To reconcile the invoice for these supporters, log into myBidPal Planner and navigate to Payments > Add Transaction. Click on a supporter to open the Purchases & Payments tab for that supporter.

Scenario #1: Add Payment for an Outstanding Balance

To add a payment on the Purchases & Payments tab of Supporter Edit, perform the following steps:

Click Add Payment.

Enter the payment Amount.

Click the radio button next to the Transaction Method your supporter will be using:  Credit Card, Cash, Check, or Other.

    • For Credit Card payments:  Select any of the credit cards already tied to this supporter via the dropdown or click Add Card and fill out the card details.
    • For Check payments:  Enter a Check Number.
    • For Other payments:  Enter an Other Reason to clarify the payment method used.

Click Next and confirm the payment details.

To split payments between multiple methods, repeat steps 1 through 4 as needed until the balance is $0.

Buddy - Payment Details

Scenario #2: Issue a Refund

To complete a full or partial refund on the Purchases & Payments tab of Supporter Edit, perform the following steps:

Tip! If the supporter is returning an item or has an incorrect charge on their bill, remember to use the appropriate Remove link under the Items / Charges grid to remove that line item from the bill to update the supporter’s Balance Due.

Supporter Edit - Refund

Cash, Check, or Other payments:  

    • For a full refund, click the Void link next to the payment you wish to refund.
    • For a partial refund, click Add Payment, enter a negative amount, choose the appropriate payment method and click Next.

Credit Card payments:

For a full or partial refund, click the Refund link next to the credit card payment you wish to refund. You will see the amount still available to be refunded from the original payment along with the full Refund History. Enter the desired Refund Amount and click Process Refund.

Process Refund (Credit Card)

NOTE: For your security, refunds may only be made up to the amount of the original payment transaction.

Scenario #3: Changing a form of payment or splitting between forms of payment

My supporter has registered for Express Checkout, but I need to change this form of payment or split with another form of payment. To accomplish this on the Purchases & Payments tab of Supporter Edit, perform the following steps:

You should notice a line on the Payment History showing a Pending credit card payment. Because this supporter registered a credit card for Express Checkout, their current balance due will be applied to this card automatically.

If the supporter does not want to use the Express Checkout card on file at all, click the Void link next to the Pending payment and click Yes on the following confirmation pop up. You may then add a payment with the desired payment method as previously described.

If the supporter wants to split the payment between the Express Checkout card and another credit card or payment method, simply click Add Payment as previously described to process a new payment in the desired amount – the balance applied to the Express Checkout card will be updated automatically!

Supporter Edit - Change Express Checkout



There are several situations in which you may need to update a supporter's credit card. Some examples include:

  • A supporter wishes to change the card they've registered for Express Checkout before the event.

  • A supporter's payment was rejected due to incorrect card information by the issuing bank.

  • A supporter has given you the wrong credit card and wants to ensure it will not be used for any payments.

Cards can be updated from Supporter Edit > Purchases & Payments by simply clicking on the row of the desired credit card. From here, you can designate that the card will or will not be used for Express Checkout, or update the Name on Card or Billing Address as needed.

Edit Credit Card

If a supporter (or SmartPay registration volunteer) registered the wrong card and you'd like to ensure it is not used accidentally by your volunteers later on, you may check the box next to the desired credit card and click Delete Card.



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