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After your event is over, you will reconcile all of your supporters' bills. Your supporters' payments aren't processed immediately at the event so that you have time to reconcile any supporters' bills post-event. Before processing payments, you may need to remove or void some pending transactions.

Follow these instructions to void pending credit card payments:

In Planner, go to Payments > Manage Payments.

Click the Pending Transactions tab. These are all the payments that are waiting to be processed.

Select individual payments or click the Select All checkbox to choose all pending payments.


Click the Void Transaction(s) button.

NOTE: It may take a few minutes to void selected transactions.

Buddy - Void Transactions

In the pop-up window, click Confirm Void to remove selected pending payments or Cancel.

The results of your void will display in a pop-up window. Voided transactions no longer appear in the Pending Transactions tab.

Review the Outstanding Balances tab and add a new payment method for supporters whose payments you just voided.



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