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As you begin to add items and packages, please keep in mind the following recommendations.


Field Recommendation
Starting Bid 40 - 50% of package value
Minimum Raise 10 - 15% of package value
Buy Now Price 150 - 200% of package value

Tip! Round to the nearest $5 when entering bid data.

Buy Now: We recommend that Buy Now prices are not enabled on anything sentimental or that could create a bidding war and potentially result in a sale higher than the Buy Now price.

Priceless: You may enable this functionality; however, we recommend that you still enter the fair-market value in myBidPal Planner so that your supporters will receive the tax benefit of their contribution. This is the "Benefit to Donor" wherby they only get tax credit for the amount paid over the fair market value.

NOTE: If a package is listed as having a $0 value in myBidPal Planner and is not marked as Priceless, then the value will display as "N/A" in your auction.


Package Name: < 25 characters

Names longer than 25 characters will display on the item list; however it will be truncated when displayed on the individual item details.

Package Description: < 300 characters

While we do not recommend descriptions exceeding 300 characters, the entire description will be visibile on mobile bidding devices and in the Giving Center. Please keep in mind that BidPal tent cards have different character limits, so long descriptions may be cropped.


We recommend 10 silent auction categories or less. Examples: Art, Collectibles, Entertainment, Fashion, Health & Fitness, Home & Garden, Sports & Recreation, Super Silent, Travel & Leisure, Wine & Dine.


# of Silent Auction packages: Target 1 package for every 2 attendees. Combine smaller items into packages to make them more enticing.

# of Live Auction packages: We recommend 6-8 packages in your live auction because each item takes 3-5 minutes to auction off. 

Don't discount prices at the last minute: If you lower the prices of your packages onsite then your guests learn that next year they should wait to place bids to get good deals.  Remember, your event is a fundraiser, and lowering prices might hurt your proceeds.  Besides, if you have packages that don't sell onsite, put them back online post-event and email out to your entire constituent database for a great firesale!

Find unique items! Try to find auction items that can't be purchased in a store. Examples: dress down day at school for your child's class, dinner with a local celebrity, throwing the first pitch at a local baseball game, etc.

Consignment Packages: If you have consignment packages, ensure that the starting bid is equal or greater to the purchase price with the consignor. This way, you won't lose money!

Upload photos for all packages: This is a way to showcase your auction items to all guests, even those who never visit the item area. If you have consignment packages, check with your vendor as many of them already have images available. 

Tip! Preview your data on a mobile bidding device before your event! Click on the "Preview Your BidPal" callout on your Planner homepage. As a reminder, do not place any bids, as bidding is live.


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