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When using OneCause Cellular or DIY solutions, it's very important to verify that your event venue is ready. Below are 3 easy steps to check. The Venue Check is also emailed to you 60 days prior to your event date.



Visit your event venue and verify cellular coverage using your smartphone.

Bid in our test auction on your smartphone: Register with your first and last name.

Testing tips:

    • Be sure to walk your actual venue space while testing.
    • Visit all areas your guests will be bidding from during the event (registration area, dinner tables, bars, dance floor, restrooms, etc.).
    • Browse and bid to effectively judge your guest experience.
    • Perform the test with Sprint, Verizon, AT&T, and any other major carriers in your area.

NOTE: Cellular voice and data network performance can vary. Don't count a venue out just because you hear they have dropped calls.



If you plan to have more than 300 smartphone bidders in one location, please verify the maximum number of simultaneous cellular connections supported by your venue. The question to ask your representative is:

How is the AT&T/Sprint/Verizon coverage in your ballroom? Have you ever done an event where you had 300+ people browsing the web at once in your ballroom? Are you aware of any coverage gaps?



Verify your venue can accommodate the following needs:

  1. Password Protected Wireless Venue Internet Connection in order to connect iPads for Registration, Checkout, Scoreboard, and Kiosks.
  2. Connection required at the rate of 2 megabits per second upload and download for optimal performance.  The bandwidth requirements increase by 0.5 Mbps per each additional registration computer over 4 terminals.
  3. Power within 25 feet of registration.
  4. One 6-8 foot table for every 2 registration terminals.

Tip! Check with your venue for additional fees.

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