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A kiosk is a laptop computer or tablet that is designated as a bidding station at an event. Attendees can log into kiosks to browse items, place bids, or enter donations just like they would on their smartphones or OneCause devices..  




  • We recommend 1 kiosk for every 100 guests.
  • Pick locations that are easy to see and have power outlets available, ex. by the bar, by the auction item area.
  • Tall cocktail tables or bar countertops work well so users can comfortably browse the kiosks while standing.
  • Mark kiosks with signage (See an example of one here.)
  • Use balloons or other decoration to draw guests to kiosks.
  • Station a dedicated volunteer at each kiosk to answer questions.
  • If using tablets, you can have volunteers act as roaming bid clerks.
  • Kiosks are best viewed in landscape mode on tablets.



Connect kiosk to the internet. If using a laptop, use an ethernet cable to connect to venue internet or turn on Wi-Fi and connect to the venue's wireless network. We recommend using a secure Wi-Fi network to ensure a strong connection. Tablets with 3G/4G capabilities also work.

Disable screen savers and adjust brightness settings. Make sure the kiosks are easy to view with the placement in the venue and event lighting. 

Launch the device’s internet browser and navigate to the Go page (ex. If using a tablet, be sure to turn the device to landscape mode before navigating to the Go page. It’s important to start the kiosk from the Go page because it will have auto-log off enabled. If a bidder walks away without logging out, the kiosk will automatically log the bidder out after 2 minutes of inactivity. 

Display the kiosk in full screen mode. On laptops, clicking F11 will display it in full screen. If using an iPad, add a bookmark to the Home screen, close the Safari browser, and re-launch the kiosk from the Home screen bookmark. The kiosk will display in full screen, with the address bar hidden.

Tip! Remove the password on the laptop or tablet. If the laptop or tablet is accidentally shut down or put into sleep mode, the volunteer will not be locked out.



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