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With OneCause scoreboards, keep real-time auction results top of mind. By displaying auction information, such as the Top 5 Auction Items, Items with No Bids, and Total Proceeds, you'll keep your guests' attention and promote bidding all event long.

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Your scoreboard slides are selected and customized in Planner. To learn how, view how to set up scoreboards.

To set up your scoreboard laptop:

Connect laptop(s) to venue internet. If using a laptop, use an ethernet cable to hard-wire the connection to your venue's internet. Or, turn on the laptop's Wi-Fi and connect to the venue's wireless network. We recommend using a secure (password-protected) Wi-Fi network to ensure a strong and responsive internet connection. Public Wi-Fi networks may be too slow.

Connect laptop or tablet to a projector and screen or TV. Scoreboards can run on most laptops with an updated browser. For your protection, we only support up-to-date browsers that provide improved security and performance. We support the current and previous major releases of Chrome, Firefox, and Safari on a rolling basis. If you have an older browser on your laptop, please consider upgrading or installing an alternate browser.   Some tablets may not support full-screen functionality in their browsers, and scoreboards look best full-screen.  For optimal projection, test your equipment pre-event. 

Launch the scoreboard. The scoreboard is launched from your Go page URL ({friendlyURL}/go), where {friendlyURL} is your event's custom link. You will need to enter your event PIN to log in.

Put in full-screen mode. Once displaying, be sure to put the browser in full-screen mode (F11 on Windows PCs; Shift+Command+F on Macs).



  • Place screens or TVs in the silent auction item area and in dining areas.
  • If you plan on having a donation appeal, make sure there are scoreboards near or on the stage so that the emcee and the audience can see the progress towards the donation goal.
  • The most popular scoreboards are Top 5 Items and Items with No Bids during the silent auction and Donation Proceeds or Donation Thermometer for the donation appeal.
  • We've found that slides with backgrounds of darker colors (ex. black, dark gray, etc.) and lighter text (ex. white) display the best in large, dark venues.
  • Test viewing your scoreboard at several angles to ensure your color choices display well for your venue.
  • Do not have more than 1 tab of scoreboard slides open at once.


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