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Key announcements should be delivered to ensure your guests know what’s going on at the event. OneCause provides several ways to notify guests of important details. 

Your Auctioneer or Emcee: When composing your program’s script, make sure to include times for your Auctioneer or Emcee to make key announcements.

Custom Text Scoreboard: If you already plan to display OneCause's scoreboards on large screens or TVs, you can use the Custom Text slide to project an announcement (ex. when dinner starts, reminder to buy raffle tickets, thank your volunteers).

Ticker Messages: Scrolling ticker messages display at the top of your site. Pre-enter messages to display at set times or add one on the fly during the event. 

Text Messages: You can easily text guests who provided their cell phone numbers. Use our standard suggestions or customize your own to keep your guests engaged in the event. Text messages automatically include a one-click login link for easy access back into the mobile auction.

Social Media: Generate excitement and interest for your next event by sharing key announcements or event highlights on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc. During the event, designate a staff member to tweet or post messages throughout the event. 



"As we move into the __________ for our program, please be sure to remember to check your bids during the program until __________, when the Silent Auction closes."

"Just a quick reminder: check out your "Items with No Bids" button on your home screen. There are still great opportunities to bid on."

"Don’t forget to click <insert name of your Donate Now button> to make a cash donation to ____________."


"Our Silent Auction closes in 15 minutes. Have you checked on your items lately?"

"Our Silent Auction closes in 5 minutes. Please get your last minute bids in!"

"Everyone, the Silent Auction will end in 1 minute! Lock in your bids before it’s too late!"

Tip! For all countdown announcements, your announcer must be looking at the countdown clock on a mobile bidding device to ensure accuracy.

(Using OneCause payments)

"The Silent Auction has now closed. If you did not pre-swipe your credit card at registration, you may add one by clicking "Your Activity" from the MENU in the top left corner of your screen, then clicking the "Add a Credit Card" button on the Receipt tab!"

"Be sure to e-mail yourself a receipt once you have paid!"

"Item Pickup will begin at _____ PM in the ___________."



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