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Fixed Price packages are purchased outright for a predetermined price before the event or during the event via your Giving Center. You set the price and quantity available, and guests start buying! This auction type is ideal for things like raffles, wine pulls, sign-up or class parties, or floral centerpieces.

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On the user interface, fixed price packages look like this:
Images (coming soon)
In the Giving Center, fixed price packages look like this:
Images (coming soon)


Log into Planner and navigate to Packages > Manage Packages. 

Click Add to create a new package or click on a package in the Package List to edit an existing package.


On the Package Edit page, populate the following fields on the General tab: 

Enter: What's this?
Number Unique numeric identifier for the package
Name Name or brief title of the package
Photo Photo of the package. Click Choose File or navigate to Packages > Import Photos to bulk upload.
Description Detailed information about the package, including any notes or restrictions

Tip! You can use HTML in this field to add hyperlinks or basic text formatting (bold, italics, etc.) that end users will see when looking at packages on your Giving Center. Note: If you plan to print guest-facing tent cards or gift certificates, you may wish to do so before adding your HTML, as reports do not render HTML encoding nicely.  The HTML code will also show on any Scoreboard slides that show package descriptions.

Donor Name(s) of the person and/or company who donated the package to the auction. If you are using your Planner for item management, this field will be auto-populated with donors of any items that are included in the package. However, you can customize this field by selecting Use Custom Donor Text, and entering text.
Apply Sales Tax Check the box if sales tax should be charged for this package. Tax rate is entered on Setup > Preferences > Organization tab.
Notes Enter any additional information you want to track; for internal use only
User-Defined 1 Custom field that may be used if you buy a custom report or custom scoreboard
User-Defined 2 Custom field that may be used if you buy a custom report or custom scoreboard
Auction Mode Type of auction; select Fixed Price
Value Approximate fair-market cost of the package. Leave the value field as 0 if you do not want to display a value or a value is not applicable to the package. 
Priceless Check the box if the package's fair-market value is hard to approximate or if you'd prefer not to display it on mobile bidding devices or tent cards
# Available for Sale Choose Single if you're selling one of the package or Multiple if you're selling more than one
Price The cost to purchase the package. Only visible if selling a single package.
Quantity (# Available) The number of packages available for sale. Only visible if selling multiple.
Display Attendee List Check the box if you'd like guests to be able to see who else has purchased this package. It is recommended for sign-up or class parties. Only visible if selling multiple.
Buttons 1-5 Enter up to 5 buying options that appear as custom buttons. For example, 1 ticket for $100, 2 tickets for $150. Only visible if selling multiple.

NOTE: Custom buttons MUST contain unique quantities. Only the quantity is tracked, not which button was selected, so you cannot use the labels to differentiate options (e.g. 1 size S for $20, 1 size M for $20, 1 size L for $20). For these scenarios, please set up separate fixed price packages for each option.

Other Allowed Check this box to display an "Other" button that allows guests to enter any number for the quantity they wish to purchase. If using, you only get up to 4 custom buttons. Only visible if selling multiple.
Consignment Pkg. Check the box if the package is owned by a consignor who must be paid if the package sells
Consignment Price The amount paid to the consignor if the package sells


Make sure the below fields are set correctly on the Visibility tab.

Video Tutorial: Package Visibility Settings

Enter: What's this?
Show in Fundraiser Check the box to make the package visible in the Giving Center
Enable in Fundraiser Check the box to enable purchasing of the package in the Giving Center
Feature in Fundraiser Check the box to include the package on the "Featured Items" page which can be accessed from the Menu Bar in the Giving Center
Show on Scoreboard Check the box if you'd like to make the package visible on scoreboards
Show in Printed Catalog Check the box to include the package in the printed auction catalog reports (Reports > View Reports > Items and Packages)
Override Auction Times Leave unchecked if purchasing of the package should end with all other Fixed Price packages (default). Check the box to specify an alternate end times.
Package End Time If overriding auction times, set when the purchasing window for the package will close


When finished, click Save to return to the Package List, Save & New to enter a new package, Save & Next to see the next package already in the system, Clone to create an identical package, or Cancel to discard changes. 


  • View data best practices for general package recommendations.
  • Consider devoting a button on the Mobile Home Page for all Fixed Price packages. To set up the buttons on your Mobile Home Page, go to Setup>Giving Center>Mobile Interface.

Common fixed price packages at your event:
  • Wine pull: Guests purchase a bottle for $25 and get a random bottle of wine that may be worth $10 or $250.
  • Raffle tickets: Guests purchase tickets via their mobile phone and are entered in a drawing to win a prize (cash, auction item, trip, etc.).
    • Selling Raffle tickets? Print the Fixed Price Tickets report and cut raffle tickets and pull the winner from a hat.
  • Sign up parties: Guests purchase spots to special events, such as a dinner party or concert outing. The number of available spots can be limited per package. View how to set up sign-up parties.
  • Heads or Tails: Guests buy a chance via their mobile phone to participate in a game. Players stand and pick heads or tails. When the emcee flips a coin, players who guessed correctly remain standing while everyone else sits down. This repeats until there is only 1 winner.

Common fixed price packages pre-event:
  • Non-Ticketed Sponsorships (such as Ad Sales)
  • Merchandise such as T-shirts
    • For merchandise like T-shirts, you must set up a separate package for each size. For example, one package would be "T-Shirt (Small)", one would be "T-shirt (Medium)", and so on. Do not attempt to use the custom buttons to sell multiple sizes under the same package; Only the quantity selected is tracked, so you will not be able to track which sizes were purchased if you do so.



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