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With OneCause, communicating with your guests via text is a breeze. Continue reading to learn which texts are sent automatically and which can be customized and scheduled to send whenever you're ready.

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      Text outbid alerts


These customizable text messages automatically include a personalized link that allows bidders to quickly and easily log into the auction on their smartphones.


  • Customizable message (up to 140 characters)
  • Always includes a personalized link to log bidders into the auction, so texts should not be forwarded to other bidders
  • Can be scheduled or sent on demand
  • Option to send to all supporters, a select group (ex. attendees, anyone who is checked in, anyone who has a ticket), or chosen individuals
  • Default messages:
    • Welcome to the <Event Name>! Please click the link to start bidding.
    • The donation appeal is starting shortly!
    • The auction is now closed. Please click the link to see if you've won!
  • The Registration Text Message will be sent:
    • When volunteers text One Click Logins to guests from the SmartPay registration terminals
    • When guests who self-register via the Friendly URL choose to send themselves an OCL
  • OCL messages can also be texted or emailed to individual supporters from Supporter Edit


Video Tutorial: Set up Text Messages


Navigate to Setup > Messages > Texts tab.


Click the Add button to create a new text message, or click the edit text hyperlink to update the content of an existing message. 

NOTE: Your Planner site is automatically pre-populated with some recommended messages. Feel free to edit or remove these. 

number3.png Enter the following:


Field What's this?
Content Content of your text message; OCL hyperlink will be appended. Must be < 140 characters in length.
Notes Internal notes; can be used to indicate scheduling instructions.



When finished, click Save to return to the Text Messages list or Cancel to discard changes. 


To send a text message immediately, click the send now hyperlink for that message, then choose your recipients.

NOTE: Be strategic with sending text messages. They should only be used to encourage purchasing or bidding.

You may choose to send to:

    • All supporters
    • Any supporters who match whichever pre-set criteria you've selected from the following list:
      • Are attendees
      • Are not attendees
      • Are assigned a ticket
      • Are seated at a table
      • Are checked in
      • Have RSVP = "Yes"
      • Have an outstanding balance
      • Have purchases or payments
      • Are a VIP
      • Are not a VIP
      • Has a credit card on file
    • Or only supporters that you individually select

Tip! Recipients must match ALL selected filters. For example, if you want to send a message telling supporters who have not yet paid to visit checkout, you could check the "Are checked in" and "Have an outstanding balance" filters.

If filters are being used, you will have the opportunity to see a count and detailed list of supporters who will and will not receive the message before the message is sent.


To schedule a text message to be sent at a future time, click the edit schedule hyperlink for that message. You will now have the option to choose the desired send time in addition to your recipients:


NOTE: If filters are being used, you will be able to review which supporters currently match your recipient criteria. The actual recipients will be determined based on your selected filters at the scheduled send time.


The current scheduled time and recipients are shown in the grid of text messages. If at any time you need to update the scheduling information, simply click edit schedule for the message and make your desired changes. If you no longer wish for a text message to have a scheduled send time, click unschedule message.

NOTE: If you wish to completely remove a text message, check the appropriate box(es) on the Text Messages grid and click the Delete button. If the deleted message had a scheduled send time, it will no longer be sent.  


One-Click Login text messages may also be sent directly from the Supporter List. Either click "Text One-Click Login" on Supporter List to send en masse, or drill down into Supporter Edit > Auction/Event tab to send to an individual supporter:



Check out our blog post for more tips on text messaging!

Time Reason Sample Message
A few hours before event start Start bidding early We look forward to seeing you tonight at the Annual Gala! Start bidding now by clicking the link below:
Registration start Welcome Thank you for joining us at the Spring Fling! Start bidding now by clicking the link below:
During event Re-engage guests Don't lose out on great items for sale tonight, keep on bidding!
During event Remind guests of other fun event options (if applicable) Raffle tickets are still available! Click here or see a volunteer to get yours!
During event Items with no bids There are some amazing items not yet bid on! Press the Items with No Bids button to view.
During event Featured category or item You must check out Item #117: Belize Getaway before it's too late!
20-30 minutes before auction end Auction closing soon

The auction closes at 9PM sharp. Make sure to get your last bids in!

Tip! Since message receipt time varies depending on carrier and signal strength, don't say, "The auction closes in 20 minutes." Instead, state a specific time.

After auction end Thank you

Thank you for an amazing event! If you didn't win the item you were hoping for, you can still help by making a donation.



Automatic notifications are sent to bidders when they have been outbid on a silent auction item.

  • Sent to all phones that can receive texts, not just smartphones
  • If bidders are logged into the BidPal Mobile Bidding interface, they will see a flashing Outbid alert and can always check item status in their person icon
  • Message is not customizable
  • Message: "You have been outbid on item #7 Indy 500 Package"

NOTE: There is no charge to send texts from OneCause software; however, sent messages do count towards bidders' text message billing plans.

Enabling/Disabling Text Messaging:
  • Each supporter may also opt into or opt out of receiving auction alert text messages from OneCause at any time by texting:
    • START to opt in
    • STOP to opt out
    • HELP to receive more information
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