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Some organizations sell spots or sign-ups to dinners, themed parties, or other outings. Guests like to know who has already signed up before purchasing. Instead of having a clipboard to manually track purchasers, you can sell spots and show who is attending directly on the BidPal Mobile Bidding interface.

Fixed Price Signups Clipboard


Each sign-up or class party should be entered as a separate fixed price package in Planner.

Go to Packages > Manage Packages and click Add.

Select Fixed Price as the Auction Mode.

Enter package information, including package #, name, description, donor, and value. Upload a photo, if desired. Choose Multiple for # Available for Sale, and enter the Quantity or total number of spots available for purchase.

Check the box next to Display Attendee List if you want guests to see who has already purchased or signed up.

Enter your custom buttons/deals (ex. 1 ticket for $20, 2 tickets for $30, etc.). Check the Other Allowed checkbox if you want guests to be able to purchase any number.

Click Save. Repeat for each Fixed Price sign-up or class party.


On mobile bidding devices, guests can click the View Attendee List button to see a list of all attendees who have already purchased the package, or signed up.

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Does the list of attendees show on Kiosks and in the Giving Center?
Yes! The list of attendees will show on the kiosk and in the Giving Center.

How are the names displays on the Attendee List?
The name of the bidder purchasing a spot appears on the attendee list. For example, if Jane and John Doe are sharing a bidder number and purchase two tickets, you’ll see two spots listed as “Doe, Jane & John.”

How are the names sorted on the Attendee List?
Names are sorted alphabetically by last name, then by first name.

Can the attendee list be turned on for some packages and turned off for others?
Absolutely. Simply check the Display Attendee List checkbox on the Package Edit screen of packages where you want guests to see who has signed up. Uncheck the checkbox on other packages you don’t want guests to see who has signed up.



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