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At OneCause, a supporter is an advocate or someone who is involved with your organization. Anyone who donates an item, purchases a ticket and attends your event, bids on silent auction items, or logs into your Giving Center site is a supporter.


While each person is entered as a separate supporter in Planner, we recommend assigning 1 bidder # per couple so that they can bid together. Assigning 2 (or more) supporters to the same bidder # will link their profiles so they only need to provide 1 credit card and will receive 1 receipt. The same bidder # can be logged in on multiple mobile bidding devices or smartphones.

Example: John Smith = Bidder #100; Sue Smith = Bidder #100


You may sell tables to corporations before the event without having all the guest names. When you don't know each guest's name, we recommend creating these supporter profiles as "Guest of" in Planner. Your volunteers can easily enter the correct name at Registration.


When collecting your guests' phone numbers, please be sure to ask for their cell phone number with area code. Cell phone numbers are required to receive one-click logins and text outbid alerts.


After entering your supporters, be sure to run the Event Health Check report, which will highlight any potential duplicate supporters. If you have duplicate records, select the two names on the Supporter List and click the Merge button.

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