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Silent auction packages are bid on via your Giving Center site by accessing the site on a computer or mobile phone. You set the starting bid and minimum raise for each package. Then, guests place bids on packages they are interested in purchasing. At the end of the auction, whoever has the highest bid wins that package for their current high bid amount.

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Log into your OneCause Planner and navigate to Packages > Manage Packages. 


Click Add to create a new package or click on a package in the Package List to edit an existing package.

3.png On the Package Edit page, populate the following fields on the General tab:

Enter: What's this?
Number Unique numeric identifier for the package
Name Name or brief title of the package
Photo Photo of the package. Click Choose File or navigate to Packages > Import Photos to bulk upload.
Description Detailed information about the package, including any notes or restrictions.

Tip! You can use HTML in this field to add hyperlinks or basic text formatting (bold, italics, etc.) that end users will see when looking at packages on your Giving Center. **Note: If you plan to print guest-facing tent cards or gift certificates, you may wish to do so before adding your HTML, as reports do not render HTML encoding nicely.  The HTML code will also show on any Scoreboard slides that show package descriptions, as well - so you will not be able to use: Silent Auction Items with Photos or Live Auction Items.

Donor Name(s) of the person and/or company who donated the package to the auction. If you are using your Planner for item management, this field will be auto-populated with donors of any items that are included in the package. However, you can customize this field by selecting Use Custom Donor Text, and entering text.
Apply Sales Tax Check the box if sales tax should be charged for this package. Tax rate is entered on Setup > Preferences > Organization tab.  Additional information about Sales Tax.
Notes Enter any additional information you want to track; for internal use only
User-Defined 1 Custom field that may be used if you buy a custom report or custom scoreboard
User-Defined 2 Custom field that may be used if you buy a custom report or custom scoreboard
Auction Mode Type of auction; leave Silent Auction selected
Category Name of the group it is assigned to for easier browsing by guests. Select from the drop-down list or click New to enter another category.
Value Approximate fair-market cost of the package. Leave the value field as 0 if you do not want a value displayed on the package and you do not plan to mark the package as Priceless.
Priceless Check the box if the package's fair-market value is hard to approximate or if you'd prefer not to display it on mobile bidding devices or tent cards
Apply Package Defaults Check the box if you'd like the starting bid, minimum raise, and buy now price to be automatically calculated based on a percentage of value, as specified in Packages > Set Package Defaults. Uncheck if you'd like to manually set the starting bid, minimum raise, and buy now price.
Starting Bid The minimum amount the first bidder must bid, typically 40-50% of package value
Minimum Raise The least amount a bidder must increase the current bid by in order to become the new high bidder, typically 10-15% of package value
Enable Buy Now Check the box if you'd like bidders to be able to outright purchase the package for the buy now price
Buy Now Price The cost to outright purchase the package, typically 150-200% of package value
Consignment Pkg. Check the box if the package is owned by a consignor who must be paid if the package sells
Consignment Price The amount paid to the consignor if the package sells

Make sure the below fields are set correctly on the Visibility tab.

Video Tutorial: Package Visibility Settings

Enter: What's this?
Show in Fundraiser Check the box to make the package visible in the Giving Center
Enable in Fundraiser Check the box to enable bidding on the package in the Giving Center
Feature in Fundraiser

Check the box to include the package on the "Featured Items" page which can be accessed from the Menu Bar in the Giving Center

Show on Scoreboard Check the box if you'd like to make the package visible on scoreboards
Show in Printed Catalog Check the box to include the package in the printed auction catalog reports (Reports > View Reports > Items and Packages)
Override Auction Times Leave unchecked if bidding on the package should end with all other packages (default). Check the box to specify an alternate end time.
Package End Time If overriding auction times, set when bidding on the package will close

The Items tab displays all items that are associated with a package and allows you to assign or unassign items as needed. For more info on item packaging, see Package Items


When finished, click Save to return to the Package List, Save & New to enter a new package, Save & Next to see the next package already in the system, Clone to create an identical package, or Cancel to discard changes.

Tip! You can easily resize the Description and Notes fields. Click and drag the bottom right corner to expand these fields to see lengthy descriptions and notes in their entirety. 



How can I update or delete a category?
Items and packages use the same category list. If you have added a category and subsequently need to rename or delete it, navigate to Packages > Manage Packages or Manage Items and click the Categories link at the top right of the page beneath the Add / Delete buttons.

You will be taken to the Category List, where you can click into a specific category to change the name, or click the checkbox next to a category and then the Delete button to remove it.

What does the Status field on the Bid History tab mean?

The package's Status field shows whether a given silent/live package is "Not Started," "Active," "Sold," or "Expired."  This field can be turned on as a column on the Package List page's Edit View Options.

What display order will packages & categories use in Giving Center views?

Categories are displayed in alphabetical order under "Browse Items" on the Menu Bar of the Giving Center.  Packages are displayed within categories by package number.

If you would prefer to order Categories by a Number Range, consider appending numbers to the front of each Category Name. Ex. 100's - Entertainment, 200's - Travel, 300's - Art




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