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OneCause supports the ability to import supporters if you were previously tracking them in an Excel spreadsheet or in a third party software with export capabilities.


COPY DATA NOTE: Before you get started, please be aware that you can use the OneCause Copy Event tool instead of a standard import if you wish to migrate supporter data from previous OneCause events to your new site!

This will copy supporter info including the encrypted credit card on file (expired or current card) plus username/password from previous Giving Center registration.

THIRD PARTY SOFTWARE NOTE: For users of a third-party CRM / donor management system, please check out our guide for CRM integration before importing.

TICKET SALES NOTE: Tickets and ticket payments cannot be imported into OneCause; instead, obtain a list of Attendee names and contact info and import as supporters.

Follow these steps to import supporters into Planner:

Save your Excel spreadsheet of supporters as a comma delimited or .CSV file. In Excel, click Save As then select CSV (comma delimited) for Save as Type.

Click here to view a sample supporter import .CSV

Log into Planner and navigate to Supporters > Import Supporters. Click Browse to locate your saved CSV file. Indicate if your file contains a header row and click Next.


Map the columns in the CSV file to the fields in Planner. For each field, click the drop-down box to select which spreadsheet column corresponds to it. When finished mapping, click Use this Mapping.

Tip! Make sure that you import spouses as two separate records, but give them a shared bidder number before you import so they will stay connected. Supporters with a shared Bidder # will bid together and have a joint receipt at the end of the night.

If you import emails of your Supporters before you go live with your online Giving Center, then as your supporters register on the Giving Center with those emails, their online registration will connect to the record you imported. This is a great way to avoid creating a lot of duplicate records in your system that you would have to merge!



Review the list of supporters that will be imported, supporters that won't be imported (if any), and supporters that will share bidder numbers with any existing supporters in the system. Any invalid or duplicate bidder numbers will automatically be assigned a valid bidder number. Click Cancel Import to make changes to your CSV file and try again. Or, click Import Supporters to complete the import.

Buddy - Import Supporters - Confirm

Once complete, you can add, edit, and delete supporters in the Supporter List found under Supporters>Manage Supporters. If you want to re-import any supporters, first select them and click Delete. Then, repeat steps above to re-import them.

Buddy - Supporter List



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