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A supporter profile is created for each person who registers for your Giving Center site. If you also add or import supporters to Planner Software, it’s possible that you could have two or more profiles for a single supporter. Fortunately, you can combine the profiles and keep all of the supporter’s activity.

Go to Supporters > Manage Supporters and find the 2 supporters you want to merge.

Click to check the checkbox next to each name and click the Merge button.

Next, select which supporter information you want to keep. Use the Select All button to choose all the data in either profile. Or, go through and select which data to save for each row.

When finished, click the Merge button. Now, you’ll have one supporter profile with all the details you chose to keep.

Tip! You can only merge two supporter profiles at a time. If you have a supporter with three or more profiles, use the Merge tool to combine the first two profiles. Then, use the Merge tool again to combine it with the third profile.



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