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Assigning a table is how you indicate which supporters are sitting at which tables. You can then fully track capacity, assign table captains, and more with the OneCause full table management functionality.

NOTE: If you are using other software for table management, you can assign a supporter to a table by simply entering the table # on the Supporter Edit page or by importing table #s along with other supporter information.

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           Seating via Supporter Edit
           Reseating via Table Assignments tab
      Reset Table Assignments
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There are several different methods for seating supporters within your OneCause Planner. Please review below to determine which of the following best fits your particular workflow (seating a group of supporters at one table, working through your Unseated Supporters list, updating an individual supporter's table, or moving multiple supporters to a different table).

Tip! If you are selling tickets via OneCause, take advantage of the seating preferences feature to allow guests to seat themselves when they purchase tickets on Giving Center! Click here for more details.


Use this option to quickly assign multiple supporters to a single table.

In Planner, select a table from Tables > Manage Tables > Table List.

Table List

On the Table Edit screen, click Add Supporter.

Supporters Seated at this table

Search for supporters to seat at the table. You can check multiple supporters and click Assign.

Add Supporters to Table

The Table Edit screen updates to show all seated supporters at this table. Click Save.


Use this option to see a list of Unseated Supporters and individually assign these supporters to tables.

Go to Tables > Manage Tables > Unseated Supporters.

Unseated Supporters tab

Click on a supporter, search for and select the table, and click Assign & Save.

Unseated Supporters - Assign Table

Once a supporter is seated at a table, he/she moves from the Unseated Supporters tab to the Seated Supporters tab.


Use this option to individually assign a Table # from inside a supporter record.

Select a supporter from Supporters > Manage Supporters. On Supporter Edit > Auction/Event, click Assign.

Supporter Edit - Assign Table

Search for and select a table to assign. You can also click Add New to create a new table. Once the table is selected, click Assign.

Supporter Edit - Assign Table Grid

Make sure to click Save on the Supporter Edit screen to save the table assignment.


Use this option to get an overview of all table groupings and quickly move multiple supporters between tables without needing to edit each supporter/table individually.

Go to the Tables > Manage Tables > Table Assignments to you see all tables with their seated attendees.


To move attendees from table to table, check the boxes next to the desired supporter name(s) and click the Reseat Supporters button.

Select the table where you'd like these supporters to be seated.

Confirm the change and the attendees will be moved.


If you need to clear out ALL table assignments and start from scratch, you may use the Reset Table Assignments tool to quickly accomplish this.

Go to Tables > Reset Table Assignments.

Check the "I Understand" box and click Confirm.

All supporters will now be automatically unseated.

NOTE: Do not use this feature unless your intention is to unseat all supporters in the system and begin seating from scratch.



Don't Wait to Assign Tables

Consider seating guests together at dummy tables as they buy tickets/register. That way once you've decided where each group should sit in the dining area, your seating groups will already be complete - just renumber the dummy tables to match your venue diagram.

  • Create dummy tables using table #s that are not real (ex. if your venue numbers the tables 1-20, number your tables 101-120).
  • As guests buy tickets/register, seat them at dummy tables based on who you know should sit together. Rename tables to remind yourself later why you’ve grouped these people together (ex. Football team parents).
  • Once all the tickets are purchased and guests are seated at tables, review your venue diagram, determine which group of people should be seated where in the hall, and renumber the dummy tables to match.


Create a Temporary "Filler" Table

Not every group coming to your event has the right number of people to fit nicely at a table, so you may need to fill tables with guests who aren't affiliated with a group. 

  • Create a temporary table called "Filler" to assign all of these guests to. Set the number of seats to 0 since this is not a real table.
  • As guests buy tickets/register, they will be categorized as Unseated Supporters. Assign guests you know will be used to fill incomplete tables later to the "Filler" table.
  • As your event approaches, review tables that have remaining seats and assign supporters from your "Filler" table to them to completely fill the tables.
  • Delete the dummy table once all guests have been seated at actual tables.


Accommodate Standing Room Only

If your event includes tables, but not enough seats for all guests, you can assign your Standing Room Only guests to a dummy table to stay organized as you find seats for those who bought them.

  • Create a temporary table called "Standing Room Only" to assign all of these guests to. Set the number of seats to 0 since this is not a real table.
  • As guests buy tickets/register, they will be categorized as Unseated Supporters. Assign guests who will not be seated to the "Standing Room Only" table. 
  • Continue to review the Unseated Supporters list and focus on seating guests who need to be seated.

IMPORTANT: After seating assignments are completed and before the event actually begins, delete the dummy Standing Room Only table so that all of those guests are no longer "seated" in the system. This will ensure Standing Room Only guests will not be confused by seeing a table number on their devices.

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