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In the Giving Center, guests can select from a list of tables their preference for where they'd like to sit when purchasing tickets. This is a request from the guest, not a guarantee. It still requires table management on the backend in your Planner.

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In Planner, go to Tickets > Setup Tickets and add a new ticket package or select an existing package. On the Edit Ticket Package page, check the "Allow Purchasers to Select Table in Giving Center" checkbox and click Save. Do this for all ticket packages you want ticket purchasers to be able to set seating preference for.

Set Seating Preference - Ticket Edit

Next, go to Tables > Manage Tables > Table List and add a new table or select an existing table. On the Table Edit page, check the "Allow Purchasers to Select Table in Giving Center" checkbox and click Save. Do this for all tables you want guests to be able to select as a seating preference.

Table Edit - Set Seating Preference

Tip! You can leave "Allow Purchasers to Select Table in Giving Center" unchecked for certain tables, such as VIP tables, sponsor tables, or tables that have reached their capacity. These tables will not appear in the list on the Giving Center for ticket purchasers to select.

Whenever a guest purchases a ticket and fills out his/her seating preference, he/she will be automatically seated at the requested table in Planner. You or your volunteers may need to do some back-end management to make sure tables aren't over- or under-filled.



In the Giving Center, the guest selects the ticket package(s) he/she wants to purchase.

Purchase Tickets

On the Select Ticket Options screen, the guest indicates who the ticket is for, specifies any special requests, and selects any ticket options or add-ons. Additionally, the guest can select where he/she would like to sit by clicking on the Set Seating Preference button.

Set Seating Preference

The guest can select their seating preference from a list of tables or can click Create New to add a new seating group with his/her name as the table captain.

Set Seating Preference - Choose Table

Set Seating Preference - Create New Table

The seating preference is updated on the Select Ticket Options screen.

NOTE: The seating request applies to all tickets in the sale. So, if you buy 4 tickets, all of your guests will be tentatively seated at the selected table.

Set Seating Preference Updated

If the guest has created his/her own seating group and becomes a table captain, then he/she will be notified by email whenever someone requests to sit at his/her table. This allows your table captains to do some management and monitoring of the seating groups or tables they create.

Seating Request Email



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