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In myBidPal Planner, you can easily create ticket packages to sell online. Go to Tickets > Setup Tickets > Ticket Packages tab and click Add.


For each ticket package you want to sell, enter the following information and click Save.


Enter: What’s this? Examples
Name Name of the ticket package, as it displays on the site Individual Ticket, Couples Package, or Gold Sponsorship
Type Select Ticket or Sponsorship Ticket or Sponsorship
# of Tickets per Package How many tickets come with the purchase of 1 package 1, 2, or 10
Price Cost to purchase 1 package $150, $300, or $5,000
Value How much the package is worth; doesn’t display on site $150, $300, or $5,000
Limited Quantity Check if there is a maximum number available for purchase Limited (checked) or unlimited (unchecked)
# of Pkgs. Available If limited, the number of ticket packages available for purchase Individual Ticket – 100,Gold Sponsorship – 1
Show in Fundraiser Check to allow site visitors to purchase this type of ticket. If unchecked, tickets may only be sold via myBidPal Planner > Tickets > Sell Tickets. Individual Ticket – show in Fundraiser,Volunteer Ticket – do not show in Fundraiser
Allow Purchasers To Select Table in Fundraiser Check if you would like site visitors to be able to enter a table preference when purchasing the ticket package. Guests will be able to select any table with "Allow Purchasers to Select Table in Fundraiser" enabled, or create a new table. Allow table selection (checked)
Display Order How the ticket packages are sorted on the site 1, 2, 3, etc.
Description Enter a short description, visible to purchasers.  This field currently accepts basic HTML tags, including formatting and hyperlinks.  


Any tickets that were purchased by a supporter, as well as their assigned ticket, can be easily found in the Tickets tab of their Supporter record.


Tip! You may wish to sell sponsorships or volunteer tickets via myBidPal Planner but not want them available for purchase online. To prevent ticket packages from displaying in your website, uncheck “Show in Fundraiser.”

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