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The Go page is a menu of tools that you can access from your smartphone, tablet, kiosk, or computer.

To access your event's Go page, simply open a browser and navigate to your friendly URL/go (ex.

Before you can access your all of your Go page tools, you must:






Mobile Login: This link will take you to the BidPal mobile bidding device login screen, where you can log in with your name and the last 4 digits of your phone number. Browse the auction and bid on items alongside your guests!

Kiosk: Use this link to launch the BidPal kiosk on any tablet or laptop that you want to use as a bidding station. Always use this link for public kiosks because it will automatically log off guests after 2 minutes of inactivity.

myBidPal Planner: Log in with your email address and password. You can access Planner on your tablet or computer, but your smartphone is not supported.

SmartPay Anywhere: Access SmartPay, your Registration and Checkout software, with your PIN.

NOTE: If you are using Audio Jack swipers, you will launch SmartPay through the BidPal SmartPay App you download on your iPad or iPhone.  Audio Jack swipers are only compatible with iDevices running iOS 9 or greater.

Scoreboard: Use this link to engage guests and launch the BidPal scoreboard. Enter your event PIN and press the F11 key to enter full-screen mode.

Volunteer Spotter Tool: The Spotter Tool allows volunteer to quickly enter paddle raise donations and live auction winner assignments on any device. Log in with your event PIN.

Event Admin Tool: The Event Admin Tool displays key real-time statistics, such as Silent Auction Proceeds, Donation Proceeds, Items with No Bids, etc. You can also rescind accidental bids and purchases with this tool. Log in with your event PIN.

Training Videos: Use this link to access volunteer training videos.

Backup Bid Sheets: The backup plan enables you to quickly print backup paper bid sheets with the current high bidder and bid amount listed for each silent auction package.

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