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Checkout volunteers can use SmartPay Anywhere on laptops, tablets, or mobile phones to quickly verify or enter payment, gather each guest's purchased items, and mark them as picked up.

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Log into SmartPay Anywhere
Run item pickup on SmartPay Anywhere
      Look up guest
      Verify purchases & payments
      Check balance & collect payment
      Mark item(s) as picked up
 Best Practices

SmartPay Checkout Video for Volunteer training


Open a web browser, navigate to your event's Go page (e.g., and click on SmartPay Anywhere icon, OR launch the iOS App if you are using audio jack card swipers.

If prompted, enter your Friendly URL (e.g. and 4-digit Event PIN to log in.


Look up guest. Enter the guest's name or bidder # and view their bidder record.

Verify the guest's Purchases & Payments. 

On mobile phones, click the Menu button in the upper lefthand corner and then select Purchases & Payments.


On laptops and tablets, click Purchases & Payments in the left navigation panel.

Check the guest's balance due and collect payment (if needed). 

If a guest has already paid for all of his/her items or has an Express Checkout credit card on file, the balance due will be $0.00. Gather the items listed under Purchases.


If a guest has not paid, the balance due will be more than $0.00. You can direct them to the Checkout area or collect payment immediately. On laptops or tablets, click Add Payment and swipe the credit card or enter the cash or check information. On mobile phones, click the Payments tab and then the Add Payment button to enter the payment method and amount.

NOTE: In order to swipe credit cards on iOS phones or tablets, you must have installed the OneCause iOS SmartPay Anywhere app and have an audio jack credit card swiper connected - check out instructions here. Android swiping is not yet supported.

Mark items as picked up. Tap or check the Picked Up checkbox for all silent auction, live auction, and physical fixed price items that the guest has collected.


Tip! Your volunteers can use this feature to keep track of what fixed price raffle tickets or merchandise have been picked up throughout the event. If a guest makes multiple purchases of a single fixed price item, you'll be able to view purchase times and individually track which transactions have been collected.

Repeat. Click or tap Back to Search to look up the next guest's record. 


Staff volunteers: We recommend having 1 volunteer for every 20 auction items.

Choose one of the following methods for item pickup:

Have guests pick up items from auction tables themselves

If you are keeping items in the auction area, station volunteers at each table with a device logged into SmartPay Anywhere or a printed Proceeds by Bidder report.

Move & gather items for guests

If you have 30-60 minutes between auction end and item pickup, consider moving your items to another location where volunteers can bag the items for guests. 

Have a volunteer stand at room entrance to greet guests, while runners retrieve their purchases. Runners should be logged into SmartPay Anywhere or have a printed Proceeds by Bidder report.

Consider having a separate table for gift certificate pickup.

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