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Scrolling ticker messages display on your Giving Center website, whether viewed from a desktop or a mobile device. These fully customizable messages are a great way to make announcements and constantly engage supporters.

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In the desktop view of Giving Center, scrolling ticker messages appear on every page under the banner image:


On smaller screens, such as on mobile devices, scrolling ticker messages still appear on every page under the banner image:



Navigate to Setup > Messages > Tickers tab.

Click Add to create a new ticker message or Edit to update an existing message. 

NOTE: Your Planner site is automatically pre-populated with some recommended messages. Feel free to edit or remove these. 


Enter the following:


Field What's this?
Message text What you want the scrolling ticker message to say. Must be < 140 characters in length.
Start The date and time the message will start displaying. Click Start Now to start showing the message now.
End The date and time the message will stop displaying. Click Stop Now to stop showing the message now.
Show in Fundraiser When checked, the message will scroll in the Giving Center.


When finished, click Save to return to the Ticker Messages list, Save & New to enter a new message, Save & Next to view the next message, or Cancel to discard changes.

Tip! Do not display more than 1-2 messages during the same timeframe. Stagger ticker messages so that they display for 30-60 minutes with a 5 minute break between new messages.



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