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Rotating sponsor logos are a great way to gain additional advertising revenue and thank your biggest sponsors and supporters. BidPal maximizes sponsorship exposure with a rotating logo on the Home screen of mobile bidding devices, in the Giving Center, and on scoreboard slides.

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How it Looks
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Custom Sponsor Logos


On mobile bidding devices, sponsor logos rotate on the Home screen. Clicking on a logo displays additional information, if entered.


In the Giving Center, sponsor logos rotate in the side panel of the Giving Center. Clicking on a logo will go to the sponsor's website, if entered.

Sponsor logos also rotate on all scoreboard slides.


In myBidPal Planner, go to Setup > Sponsor Logos and click Add.


Enter the following fields:

Enter: What's this?
Duration (minutes) If you want to display the sponsor logo on the Home screen of mobile bidding devices longer than others, enter the duration in minutes. Each time the logo displays, it will display for this long.

NOTE: This only applies to mobile bidding devices. Logos will always rotate evenly on the Giving Center and scoreboard slides.

Sponsor name Name of the sponsoring company or individual
Amount If tracking, the cost of the sponsorship.
Picture Click Choose File to upload the company's logo or other image (.jpg, .png, .gif, .tif, .bmp). Logo size is 160x80 pixels. Images will not be cropped or stretched. *Required field
Show in Giving Center When checked, the logo will be rotated in the Giving Center sponsor logo panel.
Show on mobile bidding devices and kiosk When checked, the logo will rotate on the Home screen of mobile bidding devices and kiosks.
Show on Scoreboard When checked, the logo will rotate on scoreboard slides.
Include sponsor page on BidPal device When checked, you can enter more information about the sponsor. Guests who click on the logo on mobile bidding devices will see this additional information.
Sponsor logo text Optional additional information you can enter about the sponsor. Guests will see this information if they click on the logo on mobile bidding devices.
Sponsor website URL of the sponsoring company's or individual's website. If entered, guests who click on the logo in the Giving Center will be directed to the sponsor's website.


When finished, click Save, Save & New to add a new sponsor, Save & Next to view the next sponsor, or Cancel to discard changes.


If the Sponsor Logos panel is enabled under Setup Giving Center Enabled Features, any sponsor logos set to "Show in Giving Center" will be displayed and cycled through on this panel. Clicking on a logo will take guests to the website designated for that sponsor, if entered.

If fewer than 3 sponsor logos are enabled to "Show in Giving Center," the panel will display one or more quick links to Buy Tickets, View Items, or Donate Money. You can mimic this behavior by creating your own custom sponsor logos and setting the Sponsor Website field to point to your desired URL. This offers a great opportunity to bring focus to a specific item, sponsorship, or site of your choosing!

Tip! You may also use the steps below to create a custom logo for thanking a sponsoring family (e.g. Thank you, Turner Family!) or a sponsor who does not have an official logo.


Open an image editing program like MSPaint or Paint Brush and create a new document. Resize your image to be 160 pixels (horizontal) by 80 pixels (vertical).

If you'd like to match the styling of the main text of the default quick links, use a font of Arial, size 18, and bold. To match the styling of the subtext of the default quick links ("Before the event!"), use a font of Arial, size 9, and bold.

Tip! If you'd like to match the color of your text to your Giving Center theme, you can find the RGB values of your Giving Center colors by opening BidPal Planner and navigating to Setup > Giving Center > General Settings > Select Color.

Save the file as one of the following image types: .jpg, .png, .gif, .tif, or .bmp. Upload this image as a new sponsor logo as previously described above.

Enter your desired URL in the Sponsor Website field of the Sponsor Logo and be sure the "Show in Giving Center" box is checked.  Voila - you now have a custom linked image in your Giving Center! 

Example Sponsor Website URL Notes
Link to Preview Tickets /tickets/preview.html Users must log in before accessing the Purchase Tickets page
Link to a list of only Fixed Price Packages /catalog/items.html?itemType=6  

NOTE: Remember to replace all instances of 'bpeXXXXX' with the BPE code of your actual event if attempting to use these links. Also remember to set the display options on your sponsor logos ("Show on Scoreboard", "Show in Giving Center", and "Show on Mobile Bidding Devices and Kiosk") as desired - for instance, a logo linking to Preview Tickets should probably only be set to Show in Giving Center.

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