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With OneCause software, you can create a number of campaigns or events based on your Fundraising calendar. You can use our software not only for your primary gala, but also for your golf outing, your online auction, your end-of-year donation campaign, a ladies luncheon, your online school store, to accept registrations for a conference or networking event, to sell tickets to a special event, or anything else where you need an online site for guests to register, donate, purchase, or bid.

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      How to create new campaign / event
      How to copy data


In Planner, click Events in the blue menu bar.

Next, you will see a list of all of your campaigns and proceeds. Users with the Manage Events permission can access each campaign's Planner site by clicking the Open Event link.

To create a new campaign, click Create Event.

NOTE: Only users with the Manage Events permission can add new campaigns. In Planner, go to Setup > Users to edit a user's permissions.

Enter a few details for your campaign, such as event name, event date, and the features you plan to take advantage of at your event. 

Voila! Your new Planner site is created for your fundraising efforts. This campaign will now appear in your list whenever you click Events in the blue bar of any Planner site.


In order to copy data from one Planner site to another, you must first create your new Planner campaign. Follow the steps above to do so. 

In Planner, click Events in the blue menu bar. 

Click Copy Event.

Select your source event (site with data you want to copy) and your target event (the site you want to copy the data to).

Select any of the following data you want to copy, and click Save:  

  • Supporters (includes credit cards & Giving Center login/password from the previous event)
  • Sponsors (includes logos)
  • Giving Center settings
  • Ticket Packages

NOTE: To copy items and packages, log into that Planner site, navigate to Reports > View Reports, and run the corresponding Excel Export. On the target event's Planner site, use the Item or Package Import tool to import the CSV file.

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