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When your supporters specify a credit card for Express Checkout, any balance accrued during the event will be added as a "Pending Transaction" to that card. These transactions are available to be reviewed and processed at any time during or after the event! Please check out our best practices on live processing if you plan to process payments during your event.

Once you are ready, you can easily batch process all pending credit card payments in Planner. Upon processing these payments, funds will be transferred to your designated bank account.

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How to Process Pending Payments
iATS Authorization Rejection Codes
iATS Reconciliation & Deposit Schedule
Non-Retryable System Errors
Contact iATS


Follow these instructions to process pending credit card payments:

In Planner, navigate to Payments > Manage Payments > Pending Transactions. These are all the credit card payments that are waiting to be processed.

Review the payments and reconcile supporters' purchases/payments as necessary. If additional payments are required, choose Payments > Add Transaction to add.

Select the individual payments you wish to process or click the Select All checkbox to choose all pending payments.

Click the Process Transaction(s) button and wait for the results.

Note: It may take a few minutes to process all transactions, particularly for large batches (e.g. 50+ payments). Do not refresh the page or navigate away while payments are processing.

Buddy - Process Transactions

When processing is complete, the batch results will appear in a pop-up window. Upon closing this window, the Pending Transactions screen will refresh. Approved transactions will now be listed on the Approved Transactions tab, and any rejected transactions will appear on the Rejected Transactions tab.

Review any rejected transactions on the Rejected Transactions tab. Click a transaction to view the rejection code and to resubmit the transaction, if desired. If unable to process, contact the supporter for another form of payment.

Buddy - Rejected Transaction Details

NOTE: The Rejected Transactions tab is a history of all rejected credit card transactions. Even after a Rejected Transaction has been resolved and paid in full, it will still appear on this tab. Unpaid/overpaid supporters will show up on your Outstanding Balances tab until they are paid.

Once you have processed all of your transactions, please visit the iATS website ( to obtain detailed journal and reconciliation reports. Please note that iATS does charge a monthly fee to keep your account open. You may wish to speak to your iATS representative to seasonally deactivate your account once reconciliation is complete; this will negate your monthly fee while keeping your account intact until you reactivate it for your next event.





Client code has not been set up on the authorization system.


Unable to process transaction. Verify and re-enter credit card information.


Invalid Customer Reference Number.


Incorrect expiration date.


Invalid transaction. Verify and re-enter credit card information.


Transaction not supported by institution.


Lost or stolen card.


Invalid card status


Restricted card status. Usually on corporate cards restricted to specific sales.


Error. Please verify and re-enter credit card information.


General decline code. Please have client call the number on the back of credit card.


Incorrect CVV2 or expiration date.


The card is over the limit.


General decline code.  See Rejection 15 section below.


Invalid charge card number. Verify and re-enter credit card information.


Unable to authorize transaction. Authorizer needs more information for approval.


Card not supported by institution.


Incorrect CVV2 security code.


Bank timeout. Bank lines may be down or busy. Re-try transaction later.


System error. Re-try transaction later.


Charge card expired.


Capture card. Reported lost or stolen.


Invalid transaction or invalid expiration date. Please confirm and retry transaction.


Please have cardholder call the number on the back of credit card.


This transaction is above the limit that you are allowed to accept per card. This can occur because (a) the iATS application you submitted may have had a maximum per-card limit (for example only charges under $10,000) or (b) because your account is currently seasonally deactivated. If your account is deactivated, contact iATS at to reactivate in order to process card payments.


Rejection 15

A rejection code 15 is a rejection from the cardholder's bank that includes no additional details. You will likely not be able to resolve this without having the cardholder call the number on the back of their card and ask the bank why it was rejected.  

Rejection 15's can be caused by:

Cause Resolution
Unexpectedly high transaction amount  The cardholder can ask their bank to accept the charge and you can rerun it.
Zip Code / Address mismatch

Your iATS account doesn't require addresses or zip codes on credit card submissions, but the cardholder's bank may require an address / zip code match.

If this is the cause of the rejection, you will need to change the address in two places before you rerun the card:

  1. In Planner, edit the Supporter's record and go to their Purchases & Payments tab. At the bottom of the page, locate the credit card and click to edit. Put in the correct billing address and zip code and save the record.
  2. Log in to your iATS account and go to Virtual Terminal > Customer Database
    • On the Customer Database page, search for the guest's name to edit their card information.
    • In the Actions column, find and click the icon to edit the record.
    • Update the address information and save the changes


Once you've updated the address in both systems you can attempt running the card again.



IMPORTANT! If you process payments and they return a "Non-Retryable System Error" rejection code, do NOT re-process the payments.

This error means that the bank's server has not been able to return an "Approved" or "Rejected" code to OneCause, thus we do not know the status of those payments. They may have already processed, so if you process them again, you will double-charge your guests.

If you encounter these errors, contact OneCause Support immediately at 888-418-0983 to investigate the cards and determine if the payments were processed or not.



Please review this PDF from iATS for detailed reconciliation instructions:

     iATS Reconciliation


Visa, MasterCard and American Express transactions are deposited daily as a gross amount within 24-48 hours of processing. Processing fees are then debited from your iATS merchant account at the end of each month along with the monthly fee.

Discover transactions are deposited every Thursday for the previous week’s transactions (Sunday - Saturday) as net amounts (i.e. fees are already deducted).

Deposits in your account will either show up as "Bankcard," "Merchant Bankcard," or "iATS."


When you established your iATS merchant account, you set limits for what your highest expected transaction would be, and what your overall credit card volume would be. If you process payments beyond those amounts, the bank may withhold funds while it collects additional details from you.

This is a normal part of fraud prevention, and normally only occurs during high volume processing. If you would like to know what your limits are and alter them as needed, please contact iATS at 888-955-5455 or

If you know in advance that you have transactions to process that are beyond those limits, iATS can help you alert the bank in advance of processing to speed up your deposit.



If you need assistance reconciling your bank deposits with supporter payments, the iATS Customer Care Team is eager to help!


     Phone: 1-888-955-5455 / 1-866-300-4287, option 1

     Hours: Monday through Friday, 7:30 AM - 4:30 PM PST

Please note, to learn more about iATS PCI compliance, please see 



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