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Miscellaneous charges are a way for you to charge a guest for a variety of one-off fees or other things they may be paying for. Misc charges should not be used to enter auction item sales or donations (Instead, check out Enter sales and donations for instructions).


In Planner, navigate to Tools > Miscellaneous Charges and click Add.

Click Find Bidder to search and select who is receiving the charge and click Assign. To add a new supporter, click Add New.

Enter the charge Description (ex. Packing Fee) and Amount (ex. $10). Both the description and amount will appear on that guest's bill, so make it clear why the guest is being charged.

Click Save & New to quickly add another charge or Save to keep your changes.

If you need to delete a charge, go to Tools > Miscellaneous Charges. Click the checkboxes next to any charges you want to delete and click Delete.


Tip! Miscellaneous charges can also be added in the SmartPay terminals in both Registration and Checkout modes. If you need to enter numerous charges, have your volunteers enter them in SmartPay by clicking the Add Charge button.



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