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If a guest accidentally bids on something or donates money without realizing he/she already did, you can rescind that action in myBidPal Planner. If you have a BidPal Manager onsite, then he/she will help remove the bid, purchase, or donation.


Go to Tools > Rescind.

Search to find the package or the bidder who has a charge you want to remove. Click to select the package or bidder.

If searching by bidder, select what you want to rescind using the Select checkboxes. Click Rescind.

If searching by package:

  • For fixed price or donation packages, select the transactions you want to rescind using the Select checkboxes. Click Rescind.
  • For silent or live packages, review the bidder, package, and amount. Click Rescind.
  • For silent packages, select either Assign to next highest bidder or Assign to no one and remove all bids on the item. Click Confirm.

Repeat steps for each package or bidder that has activity that you wish to rescind.

Tip! You can also rescind a won item, purchase, or donation directly on the guest's Supporter Edit > Purchases & Payments tab in myBidPal Planner. Simply click the Remove link next to that item or donation.

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