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Volunteers are a key component of any successful fundraising event! As you recruit volunteers and assign their event roles, please keep the following recommendations in mind.

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  • Recruit tech-savvy go-getters!
  • Students make great volunteers - they follow directions and are usually reliable.
  • If OneCause is new to your guests, staff more volunteers.
  • Having volunteer shifts can be tricky to train and manage. If possible, use a dedicated team of volunteers for the entire event.
  • Consider your run of show and staff for the busy times. If guests are likely to all arrive or depart at the same time, consider how many people you will need.

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  • Staff 1 volunteer per registration line/SmartPay terminal.
  • We recommend 1 registration line for every 100 guests.
  • If you are distributing materials, have 2 volunteers per line.
  • Volunteers shouldn't be overly talkative; they need to keep the lines moving.
  • Share important information, such as key event times, acceptable payment formats, etc., with volunteers, as they may be asked these questions.
  • Registration volunteers should be encouraged to watch the SmartPay Registration Training video prior to the event. 


  • Staff 1 volunteer per 100 guests; however, the more, the merrier!
  • If your venue is a large space or there are multiple rooms, staff more volunteers to cover the entire event area.
  • Roaming volunteers should be friendly and approachable.
  • Volunteers must watch the How to BidPal video.


  • Staff 1 volunteer per kiosk (laptop/tablet).
  • Volunteers can be stationed at kiosk area or roam around with tablets.
  • Volunteers must watch the How to BidPal video


  • Staff more volunteers for bigger event spaces. Station them throughout the dining area.
  • Make sure they have legible handwriting.
  • Ask all spotters to fill out the winning bidder #/name and amount for each live auction package. If there are any discrepancies or illegible handwriting, you will have multiple forms to reference.
  • Consider equipping volunteers with a flashlight or pom-pom to draw the attention of the auctioneer to active bidders in the audience. This will ensure no bids go unnoticed.


  • You may use half the number of terminals you had at registration.
  • Staff 1 volunteer per checkout line/SmartPay terminal.
  • Checkout volunteers should be encouraged to watch the SmartPay Checkout Training video prior to the event


  • Staff as many volunteers as possible.
  • Decide: Will items move to a central pickup spot for easy hand-out or do runners need to go back and forth to the auction tables?



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