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As you are planning event checkout, please consider the following recommendations. Make sure to adjust your Planner settings and train your volunteers before event day.

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Encourage guests to pre-swipe: Gathering credit cards at registration eliminates the need for the majority of guests to wait in line to pay for items post-event. Only guests who wish to change payment method or pay by cash or check will visit the checkout area.

Customize checkout directions: In myBidPal Planner (Setup > Mobile Auction), you can edit the checkout directions that appear on mobile bidding devices. Specify if you want guests to go to a certain place for checkout and/or item pickup.

Promote express checkout mobile wallet: Guests who didn't pre-swipe credit cards at registration can still avoid checkout lines by entering their credit card information directly from the My Bill screen on their mobile bidding devices at auction end. Make an announcement to let guests know this is an option.

Staff volunteers: 

  • You only need half the number of terminals you had at registration.
  • Staff 1 volunteer per checkout line/SmartPay laptop.

Choose a volunteer captain: Designate a responsible and trusted volunteer to serve as your captain to answer questions, such as what payment methods are accepted. Provide him/her with a cash box if you plan to accept cash and checks.



In myBidPal Planner, navigate to Setup > Mobile Auction > General Settings tab. Set the following fields:

Checkout Directions: Enter a custom message that you want to appear on mobile bidding devices at the end of the auction if the guest has already paid. Explain where checkout and item pickup areas are and indicate if there are any special instructions.

Tip! Active ticker messages will also scroll at the top of the My Bill screen. You may use them to communicate additional messages to your supporters.


Show My Bill on My Items: When checked, a My Bill button displays on the My Items screen of mobile bidding devices. My Bill displays all past payments and charges, including any Giving Center purchases (tickets, donations, online auction items). 

My Bill - Display Donation Button, Display Fixed Price Button, Display Preview Live Button: At the end of the silent auction, the My Bill screen automatically shows all of a supporter's won items and charges, payments, and balance due on mobile bidding devices. Check each box if you would like to give guests the opportunity to continue accessing the Donation button, the Fixed Price button, and the Preview Live button from the My Bill screen. 


NOTE: These checkboxes control whether the buttons display on My Bill screen, but the overall end time for Donation, Fixed Price, and Live Auction packages is still determined by the Setup > Auction Control times or overridden package times. If there are no packages open for donating, purchasing, or previewing, the guest will see a "No items were found" message.

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