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Some mobile bidding events may take advantage of BidPal provided-handheld devices. BidPal onsite staff will help get the devices connected before turning them over to your volunteers or guests for login.

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BidPal staff will prepare devices and hand them to your volunteers already connected to the BidPal wireless network and on the BidPal login screen.

Search for the guest's last name or enter his/her bidder #.

If there are multiple matches based on your search, select the correct guest from the list. If self-registration is enabled, you can click Name not listed above? to register a new bidder.

Verify the guest's first and last name. If you are requiring phone numbers or email addresses, then this information must be entered before proceeding.

Hand the device to the guest logged into the Home screen.

NOTE: If the bidder has already logged in, he/she must enter the last 4 digits of his/her phone # on file as a re-login code security measure. Volunteers may enter the event PIN instead. 



BidPal recommendations:

  • Designate a group of accountable volunteers for BidPal device collection.
    • Identify 1 volunteer as the BidPal Collection Captain, who can help assemble volunteers.
    • Identify a collection start time.
    • Assign volunteers to specific areas for them to collect devices (ex. dining area, bar area, checkout, item pickup, etc.).
  • Set up "Please Return Your BidPal Device" signage near all exits.
    • Station volunteers near exits before auction end for guests who leave early.
    • Have volunteers ask guests if they have returned their devices.
  • BidPal provides 5-6 green collection bins. Set them at exits, checkout, item pickup, and have roaming volunteers use them to collect devices in the dining area.
  • Ask your emcee to make an announcement and remind guests to turn in their BidPal devices to the roaming volunteers or green collection bins. Guests do not need to keep their device in order to check out or pick up their items.
  • Return the green bins to the BidPal HQ area, where BidPal staff will be scanning in the devices.


Missing devices: 

  • Your BidPal Event Manager will print a list of any outstanding devices along with the names and phone #s of the guests who used them.
  • Ask your venue and any outside vendors (ex. catering, A/V) to return any found devices to the checkout area.
  • Post-event, call any guests who did not return their devices and try to retrieve them. 


Recovered devices can be returned to:

BidPal Warehouse
Attn: Returns
C/O Fitzharris Enterprises, Inc.
4018 South High School Road
Indianapolis, IN  46241

NOTE: All missing devices will be invoiced 30 business days after your event and payment is due immediately. Each device costs $229.99.

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