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Giving Center is your personalized website that tells your supporters everything they want to know about your event or cause. Sell tickets and sponsorships, auction off items, and collect donations throughout the year.


Follow these instructions to get your Giving Center up and running!

1. Set up iATS account for payments

2. Customize your Giving Center

3. Set up tickets

4. Set up auction packages, merchandise, and donations

Add packages in OneCause Planner that your supporters can interact with in Giving Center: 

  • Silent auction - packages your supporters will preview and/or bid on
  • Live auction preview - packages your supporters will be able to bid on only during the Live Auction
  • Fixed price sales - packages your supporters will preview and/or purchase; may include merchandise, raffle or drink tickets, sign-up parties, ad space, or any other item with a fixed price
  • Donations - packages set up to collect monetary donations from supporters 

Tip! You can choose to allow bidding and purchasing or make packages available for preview only. To set for an individual package, go to Package Edit > Visibility tab and check or uncheck the Enable Online Bidding checkbox. You can also use the Multi-Edit Package Wizard to adjust this setting for multiple packages at once!

5. Publish your Giving Center

  • In OneCause Planner, go to Setup > Giving Center > General Settings, check the box next to Publish Giving Center, and click Save.

6. Promote it!

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