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With BidPal mobile bidding, guests bid from anywhere at any time during the auction. Whether through their own smartphone, a BidPal device, or a kiosk, your guests are always connected to your silent auction.


Follow these instructions to get your mobile auction ready for your event!

*If you have a BidPal Manager onsite, he/she will assist with the tasks marked with an asterisk at your event. If you are running a DIY event, then please review these articles.

1. Enter event info

2. Manage auction items

3. Manage guests

4. Customize mobile auction

5. Prepare for event day

6. Publish mobile auction*

  • In myBidPal Planner, go to Setup > Mobile Auction > General Settings, check the box next to Publish Mobile Auction, and click Save.
  • There are important features that enable and disable when you publish your Mobile Auction.  Please familiarize yourself with them to decide when to publish.

7. Process payments

8. Run reports

9. Plan your next event!

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