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The one-click login email automatically includes a personalized link that allows bidders to quickly and easily log into the auction. This is a good option for guests who may not have received their OCL text message or will be bidding on a computer or tablet.



The one-click login email includes the Registration Text Message that is customized in Planner > Messages > Texts tab and a personalized link to log that guest into the mobile auction.



In myBidPal Planner, navigate to Supporters > Manage Supporters and select the guest to receive the email.

On the Details tab, add or verify the guest's email address.

Then, on the Auction/Event tab, click the Email One-Click Login button. 

Tip! One-click login emails can also be sent from SmartPay Registration. Search to find a guest's profile, and then click the Save and Email URL button. OCL emails will be sent to all guests sharing that bidder # who have an email address on file.

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