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If using BidPal's Wi-Fi solution, you will be asked to participate in a site survey phone call with a BidPal representative and your venue contact 30-60 days before your event. The goal is to find out information that will enable us to develop a technical plan for equipment and network setup.

Once the key details are obtained, our team will map out the self-contained Wi-Fi network and where equipment should be placed onsite. Here is a sample network plan:

NOTE: It's imperative to have a contact from the venue in attendance on the site survey call.  Generally, the IT, AV, or catering contact works best.


Prior to the call, please provide a scale layout/map of your event space along with estimated square footage of guest coverage. If over 25,000 square ft. or on multiple floors, notify BidPal ASAP.

On the site survey call, you will be asked to identify the following:

  • Venue address
  • Loading dock
  • Event entrance
  • Registration
  • VIP area
  • Silent auction item area
  • Bars and/or cocktail areas
  • Dining area
  • Table configuration
  • Stage
  • Item pickup area
  • Checkout location
  • Headquarters (HQ) location for BidPal staff
  • A/V & IT contacts

Please be prepared to describe the flow of your event, guest movement, and possible density of guests in key locations.

Prepare the venue for the setup requirements for your event.

  • Minimum of 6 hours for BidPal setup
  • If using more than 500 connections, additional planning may be required, such as setting up the day before the event.
  • Venue's wireless networks to be turned off, if possible.
  • BidPal needs the following on the day of the event:
    1. A dedicated, minimum 10'x10' well-ventilated location with 2 wall outlets, 2 6'-8' tables, and 6 chairs for BidPal HQ
    2. 1 table for staging the BidPal devices at registration
    3. Location of A/V table if utilizing BidPal scoreboards
    4. Storage area for BidPal equipment (locked if storing equipment overnight). If HQ is big enough, this can be the same space as HQ.

Miscellaneous questions for your venue contact:

  • Does your venue have specific labor union requirements?
  • Do you have specific delivery instructions on the day of the event?
  • Would we be able to receive in-house wiring permission if needed?


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