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You can enter any of your staff, volunteers, or board members as Planner users. Anyone added will receive an email to create a password.


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HOW TO... 

In Planner, navigate to Setup > Users.

NOTE: Only the Planner Administrator or a user with the Site Admin privileges may add new users. If you need a user added and don't have permission, contact the person at your Organization who was set up as the OneCause Administrator. 

Click Add to create a new user. Fill out the user's:

    • Email address
    • First name
    • Last name

Grant the user any or all of the following permissions: 

Field What's this?
Active When checked, the user can log into this Planner website. Only uncheck it if the user should no longer be granted access.
Can issue refunds When checked, this allows the user to enter refunds for any supporters.
Can process & void payments When checked, this allows the user to manage payments, including batch process and void them.
Site admin When checked, this allows the user to add, edit, and delete other users.
Manage events When checked, this allows the user to access the Events tab and log into other Planner sites. This also enables the user to create new events and copy event data.


Click Save. The user will automatically receive an email to create a password.

Tip! To delete a user, click the checkbox next to his/her name and click the Delete button. Or, you can deactive a user by unchecking the Active checkbox.

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