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In Planner, you can easily enter Live Auction winners and bid amounts so that it appears on winners' receipts and they can be charged for their purchases. Volunteers can also assign live auction winners on any device (phone, tablet, laptop) using the Volunteer Spotter Tool.


Go to Tools > Assign Live Winners

Click to individually assign the winner to a live auction package. Or, click the Select All checkbox and then click Assign to assign winners to all packages in numeric order.

Click the Find Bidder button.

Search or sort to find the name of the winner. Click the radio button next to the winner’s name & click Assign.

NOTE: If the supporter is not listed, go to Supporters > Manage Supporters and create a new supporter first.

Enter the winning bid amount. Do not enter symbols or cents. Ex. 1000, not $1,000.00.

Click Save & Next.

Repeat steps 1-6 until all live packages have been assigned a winner.

Tip! To re-assign a package or change the winning bid amount, simply select a different bidder or enter a different amount and click Save. To completely remove a winner, go to Tools > Rescind.

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